Every Movie With The Predator – CRAM IT

Every Movie With The Predator – CRAM IT

The Predator is out this weekend so Dan Murrell is here to catch us up on every appearance of the lethal hunters from outer space with another edition of CRAM IT

Every Movie With The Predator – CRAM IT

Narrated by Dan Murrell
Written by Lon Harris
Produced by Max Dionne
Edited by Randy Whitlock

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Screen Junkies - 10 months ago

What is your favorite moment in the Predator franchise? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for watching!

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protey117 - 10 months ago

THNX a lot! A great introduction/summery to Predator series

Filimon Galogavros - 10 months ago

My favourite moment is :
Get to the chopper , do it now .

Ronnie Loeb - 10 months ago

I personally dont see why people done like the avp movies. Sure the second one was a bit campie with the humans but still a great instalment to both the aliens and preds lore.

Joseph Davidson - 10 months ago

Nice work, Dan!

splendoras - 10 months ago

Please do a Cram It of all of the Alien films.

Bru- Me- Neander- THALL - 10 months ago

So glad I watched this before watching the new Predator 4 movie in theaters.

Bru- Me- Neander- THALL - 10 months ago

Get to the CHOPPAHS!

Matt Corzone - 10 months ago

In predators the fact that Adrian Brody lights the surrounding area on fire makes no sense if he covered himself in mud to cool down his temperature why light the fire behind you, it defeats the purpose of what he was trying to do. It’s just be HOT wall with a COLD outline of a man.

Hubert Sigler - 10 months ago

I like the "funny" Shane in this video, more please!

Tim LeVier - 10 months ago

Whoa. I missed "Requiem". I thought I had seen them all. Weird how that happens.

Justin Hughes - 10 months ago

AVP Requiem was more of a retcon, the final scene in AVP with the predalien chestburster was actually added after the movie came out and before AVPR was premiered. It wasn't in the original theatrical release or whatever

(If i remember correctly)

I liked AVP, we can forget requiem though

Belsky R - 10 months ago

MAN, I was really hoping for that dude to say my stupid comments lol

bruno dcosta - 10 months ago

Slipper foot director is what results in a crap

Prafful Sahu - 10 months ago

Predator(1987) and Predators(2010) are my fav predator movies of all time👌

InaR1019 - 10 months ago

Am I the only one who loves AVP? (the 1st one)

DaliLomo DIY - 10 months ago

now we need a movie "the chopper"

Andy K - 10 months ago

I didnt remember Requiem at all

Tyler - 10 months ago

i liked AVP the first one, the second one was garbage but i loved the first one

Naxxer Xx - 10 months ago

that final line about the inner chopper… xD xD

AshFire Green - 10 months ago

I would like to say there is some kind of connection between the 2004 alien vs predator and 1979 Alien movie series was Weyland company Aka Charles Bishop Weyland. In the 2004 alien vs predator Bishop who was played by Lance Henriksen was playing the perosn who was the owner of wayland coompany and all throughtout the series of Alien, Aliens, Alien3, and Alien Resurrection the wayland company was mentioned all the time plus the company really wanted the alien and whould kill any one that got in there way. And another thing the wayland company was also mentioned in the movies Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. Don't know if the wayland company is mentioned in the 2018 the predator because I have not seen it yet. And Lance Henriksen played the part of Bishop who was a robot in the 1986 Aliens movie.

Because I'm a fan - 10 months ago

I love your CRAM IT series so much, Screen Junkies!! This was such a great one, I laughed really hard at the lazer tag joke, and the super-excited Dan "mandibles!!" bit! I love the Predator franchise, it's my jam!! My faves (in order) are Predator, Predators, AvP, Predator 2, and thank you so much for this because I don't ever have to watch AvP:R ever again, LOL!

Rashad Almomani - 9 months ago

I had to crank the brightness up once you started talking about AVPR, still couldn’t see anything.

Snow Kitty - 9 months ago

Do Halloween🎃 plz. Before the new movie comes out

MrTfuzz - 9 months ago

In all fairness..I thought predators was an ok movie.. But I guess that wasn't hard considering the previous 2 installments

David - 9 months ago

one of my favorite segments!

Ryan Ellis - 9 months ago

You're the MVP of this site, Dan.

Emily Adams - 9 months ago

My favs are Predator, Predators and AVP. The new one was funnier than I expected it to be and the ending was lackluster, but I still dug it.

Naz Sera - 9 months ago

Can you Do Friday 13th Jason….

Derrick Mun - 9 months ago

I don't feel 2010's Predators is underrated.

userdetails1 - 8 months ago

never seen any of them, but I did have the Predator 2 game for the sega Genesis

Ajn Subb - 8 months ago

AVP Requiem was one of the worst movies made. Reminded me of a slightly better Sci-fy channel movie

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