Finding Dory: This Summer’s Must-See Animated Feature

Finding Dory: This Summer’s Must-See Animated Feature!

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Finding Dory is perhaps the most anticipated movie of Summer 2016, and it’s easy to see why. Its predecessor, Finding Nemo, was released on May 30th, 2003. It has since become one of the most popular and significant animated films of all time. Finding Nemo tells the story of an overprotective clownfish named Martin (Albert Brooks) who searches for his abducted son Nemo all the way to Sydney Harbour alongside a forgetful regal tang named Dory (Ellen DeGeneres). During his journey, he learns to take risks, and he learns how to deal with Nemo growing up.

Finding Nemo showcased the progress of computer animation by leaps and bounds that fascinated viewers and cemented Pixar’s reputation as the leader in the animated film world. It also sent some powerful messages, such as the consequences of helicopter parenting and the importance of learning how to step outside of your comfort zone.

At the 2003 Academy Awards, Finding Nemo won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. In 2008, the American Film Institute named Finding Nemo the tenth greatest animated film ever made. With these accolades, everyone’s expectations for Finding Dory were high. Pixar is well known for making high quality films, but everyone was worried that Finding Dory wouldn’t live up to its predecessor. Previous sequels, such as Cars 2 and Monsters University (technically a prequel) weren’t well received, and no one wanted the same to happen with Finding Dory.

Luckily, as someone who went to see Finding Dory at a midnight premiere, I can say that it succeeds in every single way. No need to worry about this Pixar sequel—it matches and possibly even surpasses Finding Nemo in terms of quality!

Finding Dory focuses on the absent-minded regal tang Dory, who was Marlin’s sidekick in Finding Nemo. In that film, her forgetful nature served as an outlet for comedy, but in Finding Dory, it becomes a more sensitive matter. In the film, Dory goes on a journey to find her parents, and her short-term memory loss makes this no easy task. As the plot progresses, we receive flashbacks from her childhood, which are emotionally touching and heartbreaking at the same time. They connect Dory to her central goal of finding her parents, but they also flesh out Dory’s characterization. She is a spontaneous optimist who doesn’t let her disability hold her back, and that’s an amazing message to send, especially when we consider Nemo and his small fin. Finding Dory teaches us to embrace what we think are weaknesses and turn them into strengths, and it does so with not only plenty of humor, but also with deep emotion.

Overall, Finding Dory succeeds as Pixar’s first savvy sequel and also as a win for Pixar fans. It’s a truly enjoyable film that I recommend to everyone. Don’t miss out on this incredible animated feature!

~ Nastassia

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