How James Gunn Could Fix Suicide Squad

How James Gunn Could Fix Suicide Squad

How can former Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn fix Suicide Squad? We decide that and more on MOVIE FIGHTS



1. James Gunn is taking on the Suicide Squad for WB! What one major change should Gunn make to the “Suicide Squad” movies going forward?
2. The screenwriter for the in-development “Kraven” movie said he may have . face to face with Spidey! Who should play Kraven the Hunter?
3. Opening this weekend is the Neil Armstrong historical space drama “First Man”! What’s the best biopic of the 21st Century?

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Movies that are mentioned:
Suicide Squad
Guardians of the Galaxy
Suicide Squad 2
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
The Wolf of Wall Street
Hidden Figures
The Social Network

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Screen Junkies - 11 months ago

Submit your own #SpeedRound questions in the comments below and we might pick yours for the show! Be sure to use the #SpeedRound in your comment so we know you're submitting a question

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Ricky Collins - 11 months ago

For Question 3, I, Tonya I loved. If for nothing else, the incredible performances of the entire cast, especially Alison Janney and Margot Robbie

CatsRmyjam - 11 months ago

Love and Mercy is the best biopic!!!!

King Buster - 11 months ago

If he is called Frankensteins monster then his first name is Frankenstein
& If dr Frankenstein gave life to him that makes Frankenstein his dad
n traditionally the kid takes the dads last name so his name is Frankenstein Frankenstein
come @ Me bro

Sean Collins - 11 months ago

Hidden figures doesn’t even take place in the 21st century!

Adrienne Reed - 11 months ago

Willow is my favorite movie of all time for so many reasons I can’t possibly get into right now. It is so sexily refreshing to hear it used in sooooooo many fights. At long last, I am receiving validation of its timeless awesomeness! Thank ya’ll so much! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Dylan Perez - 11 months ago

Dan’s Mark Wahlberg impression from ‘The Happening’ is the best. Great episode, guys!

Gopi kanagala - 11 months ago

Venom honest trailer

Gopi kanagala - 11 months ago

Ant man and the wasp honest trailer

Tejus Govani - 11 months ago

Chris Hemsworth's best performance: Cabin in the Woods

broc stanley - 11 months ago

More owl talk

meerkat007 - 11 months ago

Had to stop watching after the first question as large hairy man constantly talking over people drove me slightly insane

Nick Blas - 11 months ago

I might be forgetting something, but I think this is the best episode of Movie Fights.

Chris XX - 11 months ago

Great show

Yello Duzzit - 11 months ago

Mel Gibson lived in new york until he was 12

CJOLGames Mister E. - 11 months ago

Re:Round2 – Even as a minority, i'm getting tired of people dropping the "diversity" card just for the sake of diversity. I prefer the "right actress/actor for the right job" approach to casting; not selected for the way they look, but rather their take on the character, which has to 'stay true' to the spirit of the character in comic book form. That is my opinion on CBM casting only! As for non-CBMs, I still have the same philosophy on casting, but frankly I couldn't care any more/less on the topic.

Nirvezz - 11 months ago

“What are we… some sorta… suicide.. squaaaaaddd…..?🤔”

chakryand - 11 months ago

I liked the idea of the Squad facing off against Deathstroke. Maybe him and another villian are doing sometthing for Lex.

Lythergic - 11 months ago

Peter Dinklage as "Bad Guy" Santa…

Umair Ansari - 11 months ago

There should be a limit on opening and ending arguments. Lon's were ridiculous.

Jon Stewart - 11 months ago

In regards to Capt Boomerang no one said that you can't do the guy without the Flash

Anweezy200X - 11 months ago

Hey @screenjunkies, any chance you could bring back the time codes of the individual fights? Thanks!

Christian Highland - 11 months ago

They are all obsessed with owls illuminati confirmed

Darth Fuego - 11 months ago


Mr Han Man - 11 months ago

Make suicide squad r rated. And don't use Wil Smith, you need an actor who can go full bad guy.

Trent Brown - 11 months ago

2 rounds in wow Lon is good, like really really really good

Adam Diment - 11 months ago

12:35 Erika speaks hebrew!

Mike Ryan - 11 months ago

Chris Hemsworths performance in Ghostbusters over Rush?!

Ben Tomera - 11 months ago

So what is this, some kinda movie fight?

Ben Tomera - 11 months ago

Coy: “Katana”
Hal: “Alright, we’ll see if she’s got your back, Coy.”

Lmao that joke was so great 😂😂 I feel like it went over too many people’s heads

Chaz Kurtis - 11 months ago

Damn, this is a good episode.

Chuck U. Farley - 11 months ago

I'd love to see sth slightly Horror-Film based since Halloween is coming like
What is the worst John Carpenter Movie?

Paul Stjernberg - 11 months ago

Why not go back to the classics in the making of Suicide Squad 2 ? The classic movie in this genre is "Dirty Dozen".
Watch that movie and why not think about what made that movie so classic ?

david Lewis - 11 months ago

did yall forget katana is supernatural as well?

Eddie Pollard - 11 months ago

The biopic pronunciation is classic American English rule bending. Screen Junkies are correct, however, think about a word with the same root: “biography.” The long “o” becomes short when combined outside of its root, as well as the “a” shifting from its short form. Our sets of grammatical rules are often arbitrarily applied, so it’s no wonder we all get it wrong so often!!!

x340x - 11 months ago

she lost the Round 2 in the moment she said "diversity"… Pascal still great choice tho

but what the hell was supposed to be that rant about sociopathic white men making fortune? wtf, are you arguing the quality of movies or your dumb social justice opinions… cmon Erika

Javier Lemus - 11 months ago

You guys never saw Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Benicio was foaming at the mouth in that movie.

Trevor McCarron - 11 months ago

coy is a ball of pure positivity 🙂

DMCEagles05 - 11 months ago


Cole McTavish - 11 months ago

Daniel from The Karate Kid is a asshat

Calvin Tustan - 11 months ago

Great episode with a fun group. I love Lon, but I feel like he gets a little too loud sometimes. I know it can be easy to get caught up in it.

The Mutant Agenda - 11 months ago

Coy's Small Soldiers argument was so good.

Abhishek Mishra - 11 months ago

DAN MURRELL- "Procucer", ScreenJunkies (2018)

Destic Gamez - 11 months ago

🍕 like pizza = 1 is topping this 1

🐼 he he i am the comment panda i mixed up this comment >:)

Kevin Maguire - 11 months ago

If this was in Spotify man….

Kevin Maguire - 11 months ago

Arnie as Solomon Grundy…

Fight me

Cody Stork - 11 months ago

Small correction Zod is alive in the MCU.

Hermann Fegelein - 11 months ago

Correction: How James Gunn WILL save Suicide Squad.

Christian Highland - 11 months ago

Yo diversity isn't an argument

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