Spider-Man Homecoming

Set to make an appearance in the soon to be released highly anticipated Captain America Civil War, your favorite web slinger Spider-man, is going to star in his first ever solo adventure in Marvel’s cinematic universe. Spider-man : Homecoming was officially announced yesterday by Marvel and Sony at the CinemaCon convention.
While footage of the movie is yet to be released online, Marvel did manage to screen some footage of the upcoming flick at the event.

The scene features Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, returning home to find his beloved Aunt May, who will be portrayed by Marisa Tomei, talking to the one and only Tony Stark! (Iron Man) Talk about a great teaser!


Spiderman : Homecoming is set to be released in theater’s next year on July 7, 2017.

In the meantime, be sure to catch the friendly neighborhood mutant wall crawler in Marvel’s most recent project, Captain America Civil War next month on May 6.

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