What If Every Robot Was A Dalek? – Supercut

What If Every Robot Was A Dalek? – Supercut

Before you exterminate us in the comments for this not being an Honest Trailer, take a moment to enjoy a silly little supercut we created while working on the massive Doctor Who Honest Trailer (coming in October)

Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
Title Design: Robert Holtby

Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell
Produced by Max Dionne, Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, & Joe Starr
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and Zoran Gvojic
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

What If Every Robot Was A Dalek? – Supercut

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Screen Junkies - last year

Who is your favorite Doctor Who villain and why?

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Stingmon21 - last year

What, no Data as a Dalek?

Roy Szweda - last year

Looking forward to part 2 with Walter, HAL and Robbie…

Damian129 129 - last year


Dylan thomas - last year

Do coco

PlayingAroundWithMyEdtingSoftware - last year

I didn’t want to be “that guy” but the Daleks are technically mutants inside tanks. So NOT robots.
Did find this quite funny, though.

Krista Kenneth - last year


Companion92 - last year

This fits so well. I'm crying XD

Fluffykeith - last year

Don’t be mean to the Original Series…

Joe Cavallaro - last year

This is one of the best things I've ever seen. Bravo.

Steve Martino - last year

1:47 "Would you care for some tea?" I died

BMV The Movie Fanatic - last year

XD Daleks are the masters of memes! DALEKS ARE THE MASTERS OF MEMES!

BMV The Movie Fanatic - last year

The line from Victory of Daleks and the last one my fav.

Laura Nolastnamegiven - last year

how about the game/military robot from Evolver? 🙂

OrionoftheStar - last year

That Transformers one was legit creepy.

Z H - last year

This is actually very well done. And hilarious

Podemos URSS - last year

Terminator => EXTERMINATOR

seachangeau - last year

u r THE best thing on the interwebs 🙂

Nigel N - last year


Grimsby Reapers - last year

Is it just me or do most of those robots sound a lot better as Daleks? Loved the Ja Ja Binks bit!

Grimsby Reapers - last year

Dalek Poetry….

Israel Lai - last year

omg that metallic sound when vision kisses

hunterkiller1440 - last year

Egg. Stir. Mirinate.

toms talking cabbage - last year

tiramasu pmsl

SeunBaby - last year

Shia LaBoeuf's face at 2:20 was priceless 😄😄😄

Slow Swimmer - last year

Don't wanna be a (P.K)Dick, but the Vision is an android, not a 🤖.
Neither is Her. You could use GORT, Sonny, Marvin or Chappie instead (now I'm a dick)

AxelQC - last year

This is awesome!

Amanda Evans - last year

1:46 LOL

Anya Stefany - last year

The Dalkes and the Cybermen.

Anya Stefany - last year

Please say: “I’m the Doctor and you’re the Daleks!”.

ColourMeZed - last year


Vault Dweller Carmelo Johnson - last year

The Autobots And The Daleks = The DalekBots!

Jean-Luc Martel - last year


Szab M - last year


Webster Woody - last year

Oh god, this was too fucking funny!

Chris !!! - last year

do disney hercules

Parry Stiles - last year

Bravo Screen Junkies, Bravo.

Jana - last year

It may be because as a whovian I am primed to be terrified of Daleks, but every robot speaking dalek is automatically super scary – also have you noticed that everything a Dalek has ever said is pretty much evil? Excluding the dalek babies Alpha, Beta and Omega, naturally.

Diogenes TheDog - last year

Vision's excitation sound effect at the end was epic.

Victor Bastardo - last year


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