070 Shake Releases New Song "Stranger"

1AM Ent.
1AM Ent.

070 Shake could possibly have a strike on her arms. The New Jersey native unleashes a new monitor referred to as “Stranger” produced by The Kompetition. The monitor touches on Shake’s belief that persons are sharing far too considerably in the digital age.

“This song was about information and how we blindly share it devoid of seriously digging to come across out whether or not or not it’s true,” 070 Shake said. “I come to feel like persons acquire every little thing they listen to as actuality simply because we have come to be these types of strangers to every other in this digital age that we have misplaced the will to thoroughly communicate, get to know a single another and get passed stereotypes, etc.”

The “Rely on No person” rapper brings these inner thoughts to everyday living with intense lyrics. 070 Shake’s next verse is in your experience regardless of her melodic flow.

“Your mama said do not chat to strangers/So I creep inside your house/Then I go inside her throat/And what do we do now/You weren’t appreciative/You want the sky, I can only give you clouds/You weren’t appreciative/And now you are tripping like I’m just a minimal,” Shake raps.

070 Shake is presently gearing up for her debut album Yellow Lady, which will presumably aspect this new song. No release day has been declared, but the East Coastline rapper suggests she’s been operating on the task for about a year now.

“You are heading to really like it,” she told XXL.

Hear to 070 Shake’s “Stranger” beneath.


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