Chance Features on Snakeships’ ‘All My Friends’

Chance Features on Snakeships’ ‘All My Friends’

All My Friends is a new single by Snakeships featuring Chicago’s Chance the Rapper and well known r&b star Tinashe. Chance.

The song is about the common Friday night out at bars and clubs for a young Millenial, when things usually get out of hand, you lose your friends and the music at the club is wack. We’ve all been there. Excerpt from the chorus goes.
‪#‎AllMyFriends‬ are wasted
and I hate this club
man I drink too much
another Friday night I’ve wasted…
Check it out y’all. I know you can relate! Stayed tuned with Rare Norm for more music updates!
The full version of ‘All My Friends’ is available now on Spotify.

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