alt-J, Danny Brown, Alchemist “Deadcrush” Video

alt-J, Danny Brown, Alchemist

alt-J and Danny Brown have reconnected for the tripped-out video in support of the Alchemist and Trooko version of their REDUXER collaboration “Deadcrush.” The vignette was directed by Jeron Braxton, winner of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival Animated Short Film Jury Prize.

“We are very excited to share the video for the Alchemist x Trooko version of ‘Deadcrush’ featuring Danny Brown with you,” alt-j share via press statement. ”Jeron Braxton did an incredible job with the video and we appreciate the work everyone has done to make this one happen!”

“After listening to the ‘Deadcrush’ remix I wanted to create something that complemented the dark tones of the song,’ Braxton adds. “Visually the video tells the story of how the CIA introduced old guns and cocaine into the black community in order to raise funds for the Nicaraguan contras. The introduction of weapons and cocaine in the black community gave power to the War-on-Drugs and the amount of Black men incarcerated creating this violent cycle of destruction that plagues the black community today. The blue flames represent the violent cycles of destruction. The demons creating the fire symbolize how drug addiction and gun violence are like demons that posses its victims to keep the cycle going. Slavery never really ended but just evolved into mass incarceration.”

Besides this Danny Brown collaboration, REDUXER will also feature tracks with GoldLink, Rejjie Snow, PJ Sin Suela, Little Simz, Kontra K, Tuka and Lomepak. The project will serve up vibrant new “reinterpretations” of records from alt-j’s 2017 studio album RELAXER.

You can check out alt-J, Danny Brown, The Alchemist and Trooko’s new “Deadcrush” visual above. REDUXER is scheduled to drop on September 28.

Previously, alt-j, Pusha-T and Twin Shadow linked up for the “In Cold Blood” video.

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