Andy Grammer Delivers Sweet New Single “Fresh Eyes”

Andy Grammer Delivers Sweet New Single “Fresh Eyes”

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Californian singer-songwriter Andy Grammer is one of several pop artists who have notably broken into the mainstream music scene as the 2010s have rolled around. You probably recognize his voice from his hit singles “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine by Me”, or from his multiplatinum tune “Honey, I’m Good.” Although he has yet to officially announce the release date for his third studio album, on July 29th, he released a new single titled “Fresh Eyes”.

“Fresh Eyes” opens with a simple electronic drumbeat, modest acoustic guitar strums, and Grammer’s light and pleasant vocals. Instrumentally, there’s not much to say here, but vocally, it’s clear that Grammer’s voice is front and center in this track. The first half of the chorus strips the instrumentation to an almost minimalist sound in order to focus on the vocal harmonies, but the second half features a drumbeat that fills out the sound a little bit. The vocal harmonies continue in the second verse, and the instrumentation becomes more complex by the second half of the chorus. The bridge contains a short vocal interlude that sounds painfully overproduced before it returns to focus on Grammer in tandem with a more prominent acoustic guitar. The final chorus sounds the most substantial, and Grammer chooses to close out the track with sweet and soft croons that accompany the guitar once again.

Overall, “Fresh Eyes” is a fun and sweet tune with a clean pop beat that sounds right at home on mainstream radio. However, I don’t feel that it’s a particularly original or creative track. Andy Grammer has faced difficulty when it comes time to craft a personal artistic identity, and “Fresh Eyes” is a good example of this problem. It’s a tune that you hum to yourself when you hear it on the radio, but it doesn’t go much further than that. The minimalist instrumentation and streamlined production also don’t appeal to me; they both make the track feel somewhat unfinished and halfhearted, which underwhelms me. If “Fresh Eyes” is a peek at the sounds and styles of Andy Grammer’s future third studio album, then I’m not too sure if I should invest my interest in it.

Have you listened to “Fresh Eyes” yet? Do you wonder if my opinion holds any weight? Listen to “Fresh Eyes” on YouTube below and decide for yourself whether or not this track has merit.

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~ Nastassia

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