Ann G – Something’s Got to Give Artist Spotlight Vol. 180 #AnnG

Why did you make this song?

I wrote “Something’s Got to Give” out of frustration with what ishappening in America right now. There are whole groups of people beingmarginalized and discriminated against in the most blatant ways. The racism,the vitriol, the police brutality…it is all too much, and just when I think itcan’t get any crazier, it does.

What do you want to achieve in your music career?

My main goal is to be creative and enjoy my process while usingmy art to represent and speak to…everyday people. I don’t see anything wrongwith sex or owning nice things but most regular people don’t wake up in a newBugatti sipping on sizzurp, surrounded by strippers making it clap in slow-mo.I just want to write about the things that I experience and share them withpeople who might be able to see themselves in those experiences. Additionally,I’m creating all of the sounds with my mouth so I’m taking on the challenge ofcreating relevant sounding music without popular sound kits. I guess you couldsay I want to achieve the goal of thriving outside of the box sonically andconceptually.

 When did you start loving music and what are youcreating next? 

I loved music from the time I was a wee bitty kid. I startedpiano lessons when I was 4-years-old. My mom bought an upright piano for memaybe a year later. I vividly remember the guys delivering it and wheeling itto the spot in the livingroom she’d decided was perfect for it. Being a littlekid, I didn’t have the discipline to practice every day so after a time Iannounced I didn’t want to play piano anymore. My mom was NOT having it afterspending all that money on the piano. She insisted, “Oh no, baby. You’re gonnaplay this piano.” She saw to it that I practiced and in retrospect I’m so gladI wasn’t allowed to opt out so easily. She made it a bit easier for me bypurchasing music books with popular songs in them. I really got into that.

Next up for me — I’m planning to release the rest of the album“The Sarah Project” in November. There are 7 more songs outside of “Something’sGot to Give” and they’re created the same way — no real instruments besides myvoice. It was such a blessing to be able to create music exactly the way it wasin my head. I can’t wait toshare the full body of work.

Thanks for the feature @EARMILK! Honored. #newmusic #acappella #rnbmusic

— Ann G (@AnnGMusic) October 19, 2019

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Shot my music video for “Something’s Got to Give”. Can’t wait to share it. Hit the link in my bio to “pre-save” the song in Spotify and be notified when it’s released. . . . #AnnG #singers #music #singer #singing #musicians #rnb #rnbsinger #rnbmusic #rnbbeatbox #love #musician #singersongwriter #song #sing #artist #hiphop #songs #vocals #cover #singersofinstagram #artists #songwriter #talent #instamusic #follow #photography #coversong #beatbox #musicvideo

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