Arthur Russell Archives to Be Displayed in Brooklyn Exhibit

Arthur Russell’s archives will be displayed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for an exhibition known as Do What I Want: The Experimental World of Arthur Russell. Presented by BAM Visual Art, Russell’s estate, and Russell’s associate Tom Lee, the exhibition will be open up from March one to May well 14 and is free of charge to the public. The exhibition characteristics a lot more than 150 goods, including a collection of Russell’s possess notes, scores, pictures, examination pressings, show fliers, and album covers. There are also under no circumstances-in advance of-listened to recordings from his private operating tapes. 

Do What I Want will involve listening stations that includes playlists spanning Russell’s discography. The playlists were compiled by Steve Knutson of Audika Information, who released much of Russell’s music. The exhibit was arranged by curators Nicole Will and Jonathan Hiam.

Previous year, Russell’s archives were obtained by the New York General public Library for the Undertaking Arts. The whole archive incorporates letters, photographs, unreleased recorded product contained on cassette tapes, VHS, reel, DATs, Beta, and a lot more. The library has digitally archived the unreleased product with the intention to make these supplies readily available to the public.

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