Artist On The Rise: Jalen Santoy

12822304_973016299419666_1114744683_nJalen Santoy a young musician has made a hit single called “Foreplay”. Throughout the song, Jalen delivers original metaphors that focus on love and losses. The soothing melodies of Emily Nolan compliment the song to have good flow. The incorporation of saxophone and powerful bass compliment Jalen’s lyrics. It is admirable work and appreciative to hear a young artist focus on the small details of producing music, as it seems it has become a lost craft in today’s hip-hop industry. The 23-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina has been making name for himself in the hip/hop culture as fans are beginning to discover this hidden gem. All we know for sure is that Jalen belongs in the music industry.One thing is for sure that this sample of Jalen’s work is impressive and original, it is safe to say that the future looks bright for Santoy and perhaps we are seeing a special talented artist on the rise.

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