B.o.B. and WurlD Address "Fake Friends" on New Song

Fake Friends BOB

B.o.B. lashes out at new music industry politicians and two-confronted homies on “Fake Friends,” an energetic new track featuring the vocal stylings of Wurld. You can listen to the new track for by yourself underneath.

As really should be envisioned just after reading the track title, Bobby Ray doesn’t pull several punches on “Fake Friends.” More than the course of two verses, he does some critical venting. “I do not have a lot of friends I just know a lot of men and women/So numb to backstabbers all I feel is pens and needles,” the Atlanta MC raps in excess of a hyperactive piano.

He carries on, “All I see is vultures–people who love they work a lot more than they love the culture/Earning choices on who gets a hear/On how several spins–rap politicians/Fuck a chart this is artwork/Poison dart by means of your coronary heart.”

Which is when Wurld arrives in with some a little bit distorted vocals for the chorus, singing, “Hello friends, how’ve you been,” prior to finally indicating he’s comfy elevating his middle finger by the stop of the hook.

This venting session arrives a couple weeks just after Bobby Ray arrived at crooked politicians with his track “Run Tthe Evening (The Siege).” “Who set the con in financial state?/Prolly the similar ones that set the sun in astronomy/Frequent feeling ain’t as common as one would imagine/To method ya they do it subconsciously/You these types of a patriot/Down for your region, but your region by no means gave a shit/I’m I a citizen here or i’m I just shelling out ya rent?” B.o.B raps on the politically-billed track.

With individuals two music in head, it is apparent B.o.B. has a lot on his head, and we really should anticipate to listen to a lot more of his ferocious lyrics in the near foreseeable future.

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