“Bacon” by Nick Jonas Sizzles with a Salty Spirit

“Bacon” by Nick Jonas Sizzles with a Salty Spirit

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“Bacon” Makes Listeners Wonder about the Source of Nick’s Saltiness

“Bacon”, released on June 3rd, is the latest song from singer-songwriter Nick Jonas, best known as the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers. Although the Jonas Brothers broke up in 2013, Nick Jonas has not discontinued his musical career. In 2009, he formed the band Nick Jonas & The Administration, and in 2014, he released his self-titled studio album, headed by the single “Jealous”. His next album, Last Year Was Complicated, is set for release on June 10th, 2016, and “Bacon” is the second promotional single from the album.

Listeners aren’t exactly sure what the delicious breakfast dish has to do with the topic of the song, which appears to be about feeling hurt and upset over a former girlfriend’s frustrating behavior. Several lyrics scattered throughout the song give this impression. In the chorus, Nick sings “The one thing I love more than being with you, and that’s late nights, doing what I wanna do”. This line implies that he’d rather be out spending time with his friends than staying in with his girl. Even more revealing, Nick sings “One thing I love more than being with you, and that’s no ties, no drama in my life” later on in the chorus. Nick is throwing some serious shade here! Clearly his girl’s dramatic behavior has done more harm than good in their relationship. Featured hip hop and R&B singer Ty Dolla $ign adds to this impression when he raps “Won’t admit it, but you’re acting so different now…and it’s hard to just let go like that when your man with the party, you go way back…and the love’s what keeps you coming back…and I’m loving with a bad bitch down my back”. Nick seems trapped in a difficult situation with this girl and he can’t quite escape it so easily!

Bacon is mentioned several times throughout the song, including in the chorus, and Nick references it in the second verse when he sings “Sizzling, white hot…give me that sugar with the sweet talk”. However, listeners are still wondering what bacon has to do with Nick’s saltiness. Can bacon be particularly salty? Regardless of the mystery, it fits surprisingly well with the mood and tone of the song.

Although Nick has yet to release an official video of “Bacon”, check out him performing “Close”, the first single from Last Year Was Complicated, and be sure to keep an eye out for the album come June 10th!


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