“Bad Decisions”: Two Door Cinema Club’s Catchy New Single

“Bad Decisions”: Two Door Cinema Club’s Catchy New Single

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Irish indie pop band Two Door Cinema Club have released the second single, titled “Bad Decisions”, from their third studio album Gameshow. This record is set for release on October 14th, 2016, and I genuinely look forward to the new music. Two Door Cinema Club mix infectious dance rhythms with sleek electronic beats to create the catchiest of pop tunes, and that type of music tends to get stuck in my head for days on end. “Bad Decisions” is no exception.

“Bad Decisions” opens with a solemn sonic wall of electronic organs before the track takes a full-fledged jump into the main instrumentation. The upbeat guitar jangles with effervescent energy. The drums pound with aplomb as they lay the groundwork for the infectious dance rhythm of the track. You can even hear some neat little synthesizer strokes just before the transition into the first verse.

Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Trimble takes charge of the first verse with his sprightly falsetto vocals. The guitar temporarily fades away to give the drums, bass, and synthesizers a little more of the spotlight, but it does resurface in the second half of the verse to complement the rise in synthesizer intensity. In the prechorus, Trimble’s vocals fade behind the wall of electronic sound, but they snap right back to the front and center in the chorus. This chorus is one of the catchiest choruses I’ve heard in quite some time—I’m a huge fan of it. It contains all of the elements necessary for a musical win: a danceable bass beat, a melodic vocal hook, and lively lead and rhythmic guitar strokes.

The second verse features the synthesizers more prominently, and they sound ethereal and otherworldly, especially in the second half. The bridge is equally awesome—the lead guitar takes center stage here with sharp and dissonant jagged chords that add a new edge to the track. The group chorus backs it alongside the ever-solid drum and bass beats, which grow in intensity as the bridge continues. Suddenly, there’s an isolated little bass stroke, and we’re thrown right back into the chorus to close out the track. The track ends with a muffled bass beat and a stifled guitar hook that somehow fit appropriately for this rather instrumentally vivid track.

I’m in love with “Bad Decisions”, especially after multiple listens. This track sounds like it could fit right at home on Top 40 radio as a contagious pop tune that will stay stuck in everyone’s heads the moment it graces their ears. If you weren’t hooked on Two Door Cinema Club before, you might find yourself in that situation after you listen to “Bad Decisions”.

Have you given “Bad Decisions” a listen yet? Check out the track on YouTube below. If it gets you pumped for new music from this indie pop outfit, watch out for Gameshow come October.

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~ Nastassia

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