Boston Artist O K Drops “BIGELOW” today! Are Y’all Ready?? Q&A with him here !

1. What inspired you to make your album?

inspiration for the project came from a place of frustration and also from a place of hope. I just wasn’t happy with myself or my music and I decided that I needed to be more deliberate in my approach and in my creation.

2. What have you been working on the past 3 years?

“For these past three years I’ve worked on “Yo Um…” my first project and secondly this project “BIGELOW” along with other material, but what I have really been working on more importantly is myself as an artist and finding my comfortability with who I am.”

3. What would you like to contribute to society?

Imma keep this short and simple; optimism, selflove, and self-expression.564836_3623258533128_1609645147_n

4.If you could describe yourself and your music with only 10 adjectives what would you choose?
“Fun”, “Expressive”, “Original”, and the others can be “Dope” 7x, haha.
5.Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
I don’t know. And not because I don’t “know”. I’ll be traveling. I’m tryna eat unpronounceable foods in new countries and spit these bars with the world. Simple.
I want to thank everyone who gives “BIGELOW” a listen a today and in the future a big thank you. This project was created from somewhere special and I hope it resonates with you all in that special way! <3! (੭ ᐕ)੭*⁾⁾
Twitter/IG: @itsallok1

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