Breakin’ Point: Peter Bjorn and John Unveil New Indie Pop

Breakin’ Point: Peter Bjorn and John Unveil New Indie Pop

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Breakin’ Point Reveals the Latest in the Indie Music Scene

Breakin’ Point is the seventh studio album from the Swedish indie pop band Peter Bjorn and John. The band formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1999 and named themselves after the first names of the members: guitarist Peter Morén, bassist and keyboardist Björn Yttling, and percussionist John Eriksson.

Peter Bjorn and John are best known for the 2006 single “Young Folks”, which was a Top 20 hit in the UK Singles Chart. It was a feature song in the football video game FIFA 08 and in the singing game Lips. It was also present in the musical rom-com film Bandslam, and it served as the opening track in the pilot episode of teen drama Gossip Girl.

Early on in their career, Peter Bjorn and John established themselves as a band to count on for having fun. They paved a path for indie pop with warm singalong hooks that made bobbing your head along to the beat hard to resist. On Breakin’ Point, they committed to polishing their brand of indie pop, and the results sound excellent. The band achieves a multitude of pop styles with this record that demonstrate their musical versatility.

The opening track “Dominos” contains rhythmic handclaps and bold piano chords that are bound to make any listener smile with delight. On the other hand, “Between the Lines” remodels acoustic guitar and woodblock to create a light imitation ballad free of synthesizers. Peter Bjorn and John nail slow songs as well. “In This Town” flows with the emotion of a 1980s radio hit, while “A Long Goodbye” creates a nice melodic interplay between guitar and vocals with a callback to rock band Blondie’s disco hit “Heart of Glass”.

The great thing about indie bands is that they can stretch the bounds and test the limits of music without having to meet any expectations of big-name record labels or mainstream radio listeners. With the release of Breakin’ Point, Peter Bjorn and John have revealed the latest innovations not only in their music, but in the indie scene as a whole. Check out opening track “Dominos” below. If you like what you hear, take a further look into Peter Bjorn and John by listening to their signature hit “Young Folks”!

Peter Bjorn And John – Young Folks

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