Cautious Clay & Hudson Mohawke “REASONS”

Cautious Clay & Hudson Mohawke “REASONS”

Brooklyn-based musician Cautious Clay has enlisted the assistance of producer Hudson Mohawke and indie-rock vocalist Tobias Jesso Jr. for his new single “REASONS.” Also co-written by the two, the track is meant to serve as Clay’s leading single for his forthcoming EP slated to release early next year.

The project will follow the artist’s 6-track EP Blood Type, which includes the recently released “Cold War.” “REASONS” elevates his sound with dreamy vocals, an R&B influence, and a variety of drums and bongos for its offbeat percussion.

According to onestowatch, Clay has go on to explain what inspired the song’s lyrics, stating “I’m addressing the difference between purpose and pleasure in life and overall confronting the fact that having pleasure or happiness is the only way to achieve real purpose of any kind.”

Listen to the track below, then check out Noname’s first music video “Blaxploitation.”

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