Chance the Rapper is an “Undercover Lyft” Driver

Chance the Rapper is an

Following his recent $1 million USD donation to Chicago’s mental health services, Chance the Rapper teams up with ride share service Lyft for his latest major charitable endeavor. Specifically, the 25-year-old rapper and his SocialWorks organization will be using this collaboration to bring attention to the launch of their New Chance: Arts and Literature Fund partnership with Lyft.

“Together, Lyft and I have been giving back with Round Up & Donate for SocialWorks’ New Chance Fund,” Chance the Rapper tells People. “Now, we’re having some fun in my hometown, Chicago, as I go undercover as a Lyft driver. I hope this video encourages even more folks to give back just by taking a Lyft.”

SocialWorks’ New Chance: Arts and Literature Fund ensures arts enrichment education for children in need in Chicago schools.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Chance the Rapper again, this time as our newest Undercover Lyft driver,” Austin Schumacher, Lyft’s Head of Culture & Entertainment Marketing, explains to People. “We share Chance’s commitment to investing in our communities and are proud to support Chicago Public schools through Round Up & Donate. We had a blast surprising fans with Chance as their driver while showing them how easy it is to donate to causes they care about.”

The primary purpose of SocialWorks and Chance the Rapper’s New Chance: Arts and Literature Fund is to secure high-quality arts education for Chicago’s schools. Through a partnership with Lyft, the New Chance Fund will be raising money for the schools of Chance’s hometown.

You can check out Chance the Rapper’s “Undercover Lyft” vignette above.

Most recently, Chance the Rapper stopped by The Joe Budden Podcast for the series’ 185th episode.

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