Chris Lane - I Don't Know About You

Chris Lane – I Don’t Know About You

Chris Lane – I Don’t Know About You

Music video by Chris Lane performing I Don’t Know About You. © 2018 Big Loud Records


this_isshe - last month

great video, great song..:)) ..<3

Erin O'Donnell - last month

Half of this song sounds like a not particularly adept identity thief trying to break into your accounts….

Lisa Hurley - last month

Love the song , it’s different, it’s incredible. Love it Billy❤️🇨🇦

C C - last month


C C - last month


C C - last month


Hunter - last month

Best acting not cringe

fuzzywuzzygotmilk - last month

What the fuck is this metro sexual fucking horse shit.

sarahcube12 - last month

“I know your favorite beer because you told me and I bought it”
well that would make sense.

Tony Williams - last month

I know you're favorite beer, because you told me, and I bought it. Some terrible lyrics right there.

maura - last month

but im feelin 22…

Meagan Baker - last month

this song makes me happy

V's deep voice makes me internally scream - last month

i swear idk how to feel about country music

suzi98babe - last month

I'm Carolina.. I just love the shit outta you Chris. This video is great! See u next week ❤

brakenhoff76 - last month

Why does all of these new country songs sound the same it's all slow jam same groove bs

Celeste R - last month

Omg this chick trying to be all mysterious. 🙄 When Chris Lane asks for your name, you GIVE him your name, zodiac sign, and phone number!

Ricardo González Sosa - last month

i want the rest of the story now!

Jeremy Johnston - last month

She likes bud light….but he buys a Coors Light at the beginning…..

Stephanie Lynn24 - last month

He can hit on me anytime.. Handsome😉

Cody Speicher - last month

Happy birthday chris

Chandler Ryan - last month

What the fuck kind of country is this

Jon Ray - last month

Dunno what’s worse…. the song or his haircut

Susan Leann Noble an Micheal jones - last month

This is a good song

Steve Dircks - last month

Mason Dixon line

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