DaBaby and Young Thug Collab Music Video, DaBaby Invites His “Grandfather” To The Mix

DaBaby and Young Thug released a music video for their Blame It On Baby (Deluxe) collab, “BLIND.”

Directed by Motion Family, the video shows DaBaby inviting his “grandfather” to the msuic video for his birthday. The senior follows the Charlotte, North Carolina rapper and Young Thug all around the studio, from time to time disrupting filming but otherwise having a good time!

The music video also has a tribute to DaBaby’s older brother Glenn Johnson who died earlier this November.

The deluxe version of their album dropped back again in August, but DaBaby has appeared with Dua Lipa for “Levitating” and Kanye West for the remix of “NAH NAH NAH.”

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