Descendents Continue Punk Rock Legacy with “Victim of Me”

Descendents Continue Punk Rock Legacy with New Song “Victim of Me”

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Descendents: the Pioneers of Punk Still Rock Today

The Descendents are a punk rock band from Manhattan Beach, California. They’ve gone through several lineup changes since their formation in 1977 and have also endured several hiatuses. However, as the release of “Victim of Me” has revealed, they still remain relevant to the modern punk music scene and desire to continue their punk rock legacy.

In 1982, the Descendents released their first studio album Milo Goes to College. Its title refers to singer Milo Aukerman’s decision to leave the band to attend college. Its cover illustration depicts a cartoon of him that would later become the band’s mascot. Milo Goes to College mixes fast hardcore punk with melodic, cheesy love songs. Because of this, it’s considered to be one of the most important albums of the early 1980s southern California hardcore movement.

In 1985, the Descendents released their second studio album I Don’t Want to Grow Up, which received praise for its catchy songs and strong melodies. However, their 1986 album Enjoy! wasn’t well received due to the toilet humor and heavy metal-influenced songs. The 1987 album All marked the end of the Descendents’ original run until they reunited with Aukerman in 1995.

The Descendents reappeared in the punk music scene with the release of their 1996 album Everything Sucks, which was the first Descendents release to chart, reaching #132 on the Billboard 200. Their 2004 album Cool to Be You also charted, reaching #143 on the Billboard 200. The Descendents plan to release their seventh studio album Hypercaffium Spazzinate on July 29th, 2016. “Victim of Me” is the first song from the album to be released.

It’s clear from their history that the Descendents have been around for quite a long time. However, outside of the punk rock scene, not many people have heard of them. As a major inspiration for bands such as blink-182, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day, the Descendents deserve recognition for their musical efforts, influence, and legacy.

“Victim of Me” is only a minute and a half long, but it still packs a powerful punch. The song opens with a crunchy guitar riff, quickly followed by the cheerily steady baseline and Aukerman’s traditional punk rock vocals. Despite not having released any music in twelve years, the Descendents fit right in to the modern punk music scene with “Victim of Me”. This proves that they’re still relevant and that they’re in great shape to continue their legacy. Give “Victim of Me” a listen on YouTube below!

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