DMX Prison Release with New Music

DMX Prison Release with New Music

It has just be reported that DMX has just one more month to cross before he is released from incarceration. Originally jailed last year for tax fraud, Earl Simmons, also known as DMX, is said to be quite excited for his return to the general population as he has already started to plan for a release of a new album.

The professional lyricist will soon be partying it up, as there are also talks that DMX is receiving offers from movie producers for a biopic, and has book deals. Serving over a year behind bars, DMX has spent ample time penning his thoughts onto paper, and should have some potent tracks for his fans — continuing his long-standing rap career.

X is coming for ya 2019, and you can expect him to be released January 27.

In other music news, 10k.Caash drops his holiday-themed EP, Ho Ho Ho.

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