Don Cheadle Didn't Catch Kendrick Lamar's "Kung Fu Kenny" Reference

Kendrick Lamar referred to himself as “Kung Fu Kenny” in his “DNA.movie, referencing Don Cheadle‘s character in the 2001 film Rush Hour 2 starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. In an job interview with Pitchfork, Don exposed that he was not knowledgeable of that “Kung Fu Kenny” was dependent off of his Rush Hour 2 character. He shares:

“I did not know that right up until the subsequent working day. He bought that from my character in Rush Hour 2. He was like, ‘Duh!’ He texted me like, ‘Dude are you significant? You did not know that?’ […] I did not set it with each other. Then I went to Coachella and observed him perform, and I observed the movie in advance of the point and continue to did not determine it out. And then I went on Twitter and an individual experienced randomly tweeted, ‘Don Cheadle is the authentic Kung Fu Kenny.’ I went, ‘Wait a moment, I did engage in a character named Kenny who did kung fu and spoke Chinese.’”

Don Cheadle also spoke about how he did not have considerably time to put together for his part in the movie, as Kendrick only contacted him a number of times in advance of filming started.

“I was like, ‘Uh Ok, you know you are like the best rapper in the planet, so what are you chatting about.’ He sent me the lyrics and was like, ‘You just have to get this considerably of it down,”’which was like fifty percent of it [laughs]. I was like, ‘Are you gonna have a teleprompter?’ And he claimed, ‘No, it’s gonna be fantastic.’”

Go through the whole job interview by using Pitchfork.

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