Drakeo, Lil Yachty, OhGeesy “Flu Flamming” Remix

Drakeo, Lil Yachty, OhGeesy

Following the September release of the video for “Roll Bounce,” Drakeo the Ruler, OhGeesy and Lil Yachty come together for the official “Flu Flamming” remix.

“Never goin’ broke ho, used to ride in Volvos / Taught hoes with vatos,” Lil Yachty raps, delivering the rework’s first salvo. “Young with a semi, gettin’ more brain than Jimmy / Black hood bitch, had to nickname her Lil Kimmy / Fresh up out the bank, neck on water like Frank / I might cop me a tank / I ain’t kissin’ that bitch ’cause her breath smell like dank.”

The original “Flu Flamming” was released as one of the opening tracks on Drakeo the Ruler’s incredible 2017 album Cold Devil. The song also features production from Bruce24k.

You can stream OhGeesy and Lil Yachty’s new rework of Drakeo the Ruler’s “Flu Flamming” above.

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