EarthGang Talks Growing-Up in ATL for Pandora

EarthGang Talks Growing-Up in ATL for Pandora

The latest entry of Pandora‘s exploration of artists who have leveraged their own online presence into real-world gains focuses on the eccentric rap group, EarthGang. Achieving success and becoming professional creatives has pushed their sonic endeavors into a business-oriented realm; however, they have been able to maintain the fun, organic passion to explore and make music with all types of people, regardless of their status.

Delving into their history, the ATL natives’ youth was set to the soundtrack of Freaknik and the 1996 Olympics. That meant they were being informed by a wide array of talents, such as Outkast and Kilo Ali. An inevitable maturation in their craft not only honed their talent but has allowed them to become the spiritual successors of the hip-hop scene that was synonymous with the Dungeon Family-era, alongside setting their own unique path. And because of the ubiquity of streaming, their music has been able to spread across the world, thus giving them a platform to globally paint what life is like in Atlanta. The Dreamville-signees’  music has evolved a transcendental, emotive character that has been able to captivate and connect to people’s distinct experiences.

Watch the video above, and hear EarthGang’s music on Pandora.

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