Eminem Discuses Drake Diss With Sway

Eminem Discuses Drake Diss With Sway

During the fourth and final part of his video interview with Sway, Detroit rapper Eminem clarified his Drake diss and opened up about Joyner Lucas.

In the clip posted above, Em went on record to state he was not dissing Drake on his Kamikaze single “Lucky You,” and that “Drake is always going to be in [his] good graces.” He went on to state, “[Drake] did something for one of my daughters that I will never forget… I like Drake.” Em also went on to praise Joyner Lucas who is also featured on the aforementioned track. “He stood out so much to me. […] He’s not comprising bars to tell his story. He’s still got complexity in there. […] Yo, this kid is fucking incredible,” Em said of Lucas.

Watch part four of Eminem’s interview with Sway above. In related news, Eminem responds to Machine Gun Kelly with new “KILLSHOT” diss.

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