Eminem - Fall

Eminem – Fall

Eminem – Fall

From the album Kamikaze, out now: http://shady.sr/Kamikaze



Music video by Eminem performing Fall. © 2018 Aftermath Records


rodrigo espejo - a few months ago

you the fucking man eminem

Gaming_God_6969 - a few months ago

the shadow chasing him was actually slim shady the one he left behind bc what happened in the past so now he's turning back to the old him which is shady and the end of this is the beginning of venom in this he steps on his revival track and the beginning of venom he picks up the cracked track

Juan Cena - a few months ago

Thank god you destroyed mumble rap😊

marlonsarg - a few months ago

Best rapper alive !! Shits on the new age 😎

marlonsarg - a few months ago

Best rapper alive !! Shits on the new age 😎 let’s keep it real

Gary Coughlan BEDROOM STUDIOS - a few months ago


Rob G - a few months ago

Calm Down,just relax,Bro but I like this…

Harley Murray - a few months ago

The fall
Putting mgk in his place
What a year to be alive

Nick Lettic - a few months ago

I think rappers diss him bc they miss him and want him to come back with a vengence. Thank you for your jealousy.

Nick.GoPro.TV - a few months ago

Happy Birthday 🎁

Lisa Rose - a few months ago


shadymohit7 Bisht - a few months ago

Happy birthday Eminem #Emstreamingparty

FBI - a few months ago

Eminems birthday today! October 17th

Mo Motian - a few months ago

Check out @motianmusic’s “Walking Tall” Anti bullying and suicide awareness video🔥 out now!!

Neon Link - a few months ago

Many people just hate Eminem because he’s just not his old funny comical type of rapper anymore. He took his career onto a more serious turn. Although there are songs that are really bad of his, at least he made a song about the criticism he faces now and what his reaction is to it. I’m not into rap music often but this song is good but not great as I think some of the lyrics are genius but some parts I feel off about but Eminem still has it after 15 years or so.

Night Geek03 - a few months ago

marshall m dead real ? fuck slim shady i'm fan eminem 96 no fan commercial music …

Lucid Dreams - a few months ago


sebastian villalobos - a few months ago

Total Earnings

Khushpreet Bajwa - a few months ago

This only song fucked my 2headphones in 2weeks

Maybe they were unable to handle the bars.,😆

Potato Gaming - a few months ago

soooo,….where is MGK now?.. lol

bigbro078 - a few months ago


michelle king - a few months ago

I new he still had it although I wasn't a fan of all of revival this is amazing welcome back em

Matt Crook - a few months ago

They don't want Shady… that's like telling blacc folk they like Wayne Brady… I won't blend a hand nor lend a fan, if you can't say I'm sorry man… I AM, Too canned, Uncle Sammed, frightened by me?? It's who I am…

A dry noodle - a few months ago

This is basically a diss tracks against multiple rappers and critiques right?

Mike Wilson - a few months ago

Happy birthday 46 years old😃👍🔥

STR33T-_-F1GHTER_ _ - a few months ago

Venom part 1

Milkbone - a few months ago

whose on the chorus and what exactly is he saying i can here it don't fall on my face or my faith? anyone know?

Kapil motwani - a few months ago

🎉🎂Happy birthday🎉🎂—
1) slim shady
3) Marshall Mathers

Jerete Valdez - a few months ago

The last verse was legendary

Clearly Not - a few months ago

Same CD that is in venom

kate kate - a few months ago

wowww, what are you doing? You've stoken my heart. 💚💚💚

Astrid Chamberlain - a few months ago

dont fart on my face

Fabiano Ferrara - a few months ago

Eminem marshall and slim
You all are the better rappers in the world
You are a fucking legends and
Fall on my fucking dick

Ermac Macro - a few months ago

Thus the beginning of Venom

Andrei_Cruz 99 - a few months ago

wait….venom is a sequence to this rightt???

Jason White - a few months ago


Dieter другliever - a few months ago

This pretty much says it all… yeah keep claiming you're so above and beyond and maybe it will come true. Keep claiming rappers like you wrote every line for them and get back what Dre did for you.

טל שול - a few months ago

I don't know it's just the way you are

N0TH1NG4U - a few months ago

Legends never fall

SiMgE KaLaV - a few months ago


Alexis Flores-Ortiz - a few months ago

Em is the best rapper ever and he has been through a lot
He is the best person ever please respond em

Rebecka Kellogg - a few months ago

This song is tight

four Watt - a few months ago


Coconut Juice - a few months ago

Happy Birthday, Eminem! I mean Shady.

LazGamers6 - a few months ago

Is no one going to mention that Venom is related to this

Sue Pittman - a few months ago

Here's what I think about u Eminem,Rabbit,Slim shady. U are the best white rapper in the world onistly u are better than some black rappers u do u if u don't want to be Slim than don't be Slim as long as u don't quite rapping I'm fine with whatever u do just don't quit rapping that would waste the awesome talent u have also love u

GG Rose - a few months ago

I love all of Eminems albums and songs and I absolutely loved Revival. I know my opinion doesn't matter but people are going to hate. Haters are going to make you stronger Eminem. Regardless of what you do some people aren't going to like it. Thank-you for creating music that people can connect with and blessing us with your presence on this earth ❤Huge❤Eminem❤Fan❤ hope to one day meet you in person cuz you are a huge inspiration ❤

Abdullah Al Aboukar - a few months ago

The revival

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