Eminem - Good Guy ft. Jessie Reyez

Eminem – Good Guy ft. Jessie Reyez

Eminem – Good Guy ft. Jessie Reyez

From the album Kamikaze, out now: http://shady.sr/Kamikaze



Music video by Eminem performing Good Guy. © 2018 Aftermath Records


Lolo Popo - 8 months ago

i well start scery from giris man

Hahah Babs - 8 months ago


Infinite Shadow AMV - 8 months ago


Delta_Sly - 8 months ago

I feel like Eminem is going to drop a song soon leading to an album.

Amal Acharjee - 8 months ago

The song is amazing👍👍👌 but i didnt understood the video guys.. can anyone say?

Desmond Ubliz - 8 months ago

Eminem rap King ✌️

Salman Ali official - 8 months ago

India love

Braddock e PH - 8 months ago

Algum BR?

Panthur - 8 months ago

3:06 Gotta keep those sneekers clean

Jowdn xxx666 - 8 months ago

This is 💩 and im a die hard Em fan but in my opinion eminem hasnt been good since Marshall mathers lp 2 and everything before

FATO Rama - 8 months ago

Molly e daluar

Xiotus - 8 months ago

This was published on the day of release of the endgame trailer!!

This is the world - 8 months ago

Eminem lowe. Like

DoubleZ 79 - 8 months ago

This sound like Simple and Clean of Kingdom Hearts!

Crystal Arbogast - 8 months ago

I love you Eminem from 10mile and Gratiot

Johnson Lobo - 8 months ago

DEEP & PEAK at the same time

Amork Voc - 8 months ago

22 mil views you fuckin kidding me?

Sarai Murphy - 8 months ago

My girl Jessie round here killing people now. I knew she was crazy but damn.

Shannon Scagel - 8 months ago

too bad she didnt leave u for a woman

Michael Alderfer - 8 months ago

He let her on the track too much he killed it

archiedyer - 8 months ago

On yeah yeah

Amanda's Stars - 8 months ago

Eminem All Time Fave Rapper from the Beginning and Beyond…
Always Dope AF
And of Course your Song just playing on the Radio

Moral of the Story Always Buy 2 Boxes of Cereal 🙂

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