Flatbush Zombies Team With Snoop Dogg for "Still Palm Trees"

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Flatbush Zombies recruited the supreme connoisseur of marijuana, Snoop Doog, for their new weed anthem. The New York trio linked up with the tour mate for “Still Palm Trees,” a sequel to their 2013 musicPalm Trees.” The track, which has an acceptable jogging time of 4:twenty, sees Snoop serving to out on the hook when the Flatbush Zombies kick rhymes about their enjoy of the serious.

“Every working day, me and Mary Jane/If you ain’t conversing terps effectively homie what you say/I be swimming in the clouds, so superior I just can’t occur down/With D-O-double G, A-R-C and Meechie/Yeah so a lot grams, vacuum sealer in the resort/So a lot ass I had to hit it in the resort/Till six in the early morning like that R. Kelly music/Possibly fucked your newborn momma green with my ice on/See I’m on some new shit/They stole my swag, they can have it/But I’m on some magic shit/Jordan at the Back garden lit/Brooklyn built me this, Bronx Tale, I’m on some sunny shit,” Zombie Juice raps.

Snoop caps off the record by sharing his wisdom on the outro. The veteran MC speaks on his deep ties to weed.

“Recognize match when it is in your encounter/1 matter about me and these trees/We have an unbreakable bond/We’re related from the roots to the seeds to the leaves to the trees/Experience me, gamers,” Snoop claims.

“Still Palm Trees” could possibly be the lead solitary for Flatbush Zombies’ following LP. Meechy Darko declared a new album next the song’s official release.

Listen to Flatbush Zombies’ “Still Palm Trees” that includes Snoop Dogg and look at out Meechy’s announcement underneath.

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— Fleezus Christ (@MeechIsDEAD) April seventeen, 2017

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