Future, Juice WRLD - WRLD On Drugs

Future, Juice WRLD – WRLD On Drugs

Future, Juice WRLD – WRLD On Drugs

‘Future & Juice WRLD Present… WRLD ON DRUGS’ available at http://smarturl.it/WRLDONDRUGS

Director: Spike Jordan for The Genius Club

Future online: https://twitter.com/1future
https://www.instagram.com/future https://soundcloud.com/futureisnow

Juice WRLD online: https://twitter.com/juiceworlddd


(C) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Freebandz, Grade A and Interscope.

slade almighty - last month

i swear i just wish there were no racism, shits wack

Clorax bleach - last month

Bell Gardens Highschool?

Chance Brooks - last month

So I'm reading the comments and I'm noticing nobody has mentioned the purpose of the video. The 2 white kids did the SAME EXACT thing as the 2 black kids, yet the black kids get 5-7 years and the 2 white kids get a slap on the wrist.

Urban Icon Entertainment - last month

This gives me Kids vibes

Cody Crail - last month


TheRealFlame - last month

That beat

Natalie Solis - last month

This song was film at my school

Carl Jenkins - last month


Brandon Jimenez - last month

im not doing any drugs for a week cuz of this

CanIRentALife - last month

The world is on drugs because ya'll rap about it in your music.

Gisel Smith ( Student ) - last month

This deserves more views

1second Of love - last month

After listening to this 🎶
I wanna do drugs

GuttaStarrEnt - last month

Deep message about racism

mello infinity - last month

This is our new rapping duo

PURE - last month


1600 - last month

i’m working on dying 💛

odr - last month

i’m happy they included Wopo in the R.I.P. too

Benjamin Garfield - last month

Who else was thinking that this was Lil uzis ps and qs when they saw the anime

CiSCo Castillo - last month

I was on drugs when I saw this

FR EX - last month

pretty bad visual and song sorry

Malachi Shearer - last month

anyone else notice they spelled prescription wrong at the start?

Ssam - last month

The one thing I don’t get is everyone is saying that future was trash in this album and juice carried it. I have been a HUGE juice wrld fan since before all girls are the same came out and I’ve never really liked future. But I think future carried this album and was kinda disappointed by a lot of juice wrlds parts (except for fine china, jet lag, hard work pays off, and realer and realer). So I really don’t get how people are saying future ruined it. I think he popped off

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