Glass Animals Release Trippy New Track “Youth”

Glass Animals Release Trippy New Track “Youth”

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English indie pop band Glass Animals have released “Youth”, the second track from their second studio album How To Be a Human, set for release on August 26th, 2016. You might recognize their name from their debut studio album Zaba (2014), which features the popular tracks “Gooey”, “Black Mambo”, and “Toes”.

“Youth” opens with a solidly hip hop-influenced drumline and bassline and some colorfully psychedelic synthesizers that reinforce Glass Animals’ status as a psychedelic pop band. In the first verse, vocalist Dave Bayley sings huskily and dreamily over a layer of vibrant yet laid-back beats. There’s definitely an R&B (rhythm and beats) influence present on this track. The chorus draws in group vocals, electronic beats, and a tropical wave of peculiar synthetic sounds to create a truly vivid sound. The beats at the very end of the chorus sound especially bubbly. The second verse adds to the psychedelic jungle of instrumentation here, as it features even more attractive dream pop beats and rhythms. The bridge blurs Bayley’s dreamy vocals almost beyond recognition; the production almost buries his voice beneath the kaleidoscope of electronic echoes and sounds, but not in a bad way (although I do feel that the bridge is a little short). The track closes with a return to the chorus, albeit with some impressive vocal harmonies and an isolated synthetic beat that fuses really well with the deep basslines that reverberate with true intensity.

I feel that “Youth” is a fantastically fun track to listen to. I’ve always liked psychedelic pop and dream pop, because there’s so much room for creativity and experimentation. Every time I listen to “Youth”, I hear a new sound in the production (and the production is really great on this track), or I discover a new melody that I hadn’t picked out before. Done right, a psychedelic pop tune contains layers of musical and electronic goodness that are fun to explore when you’re really into the sounds and beats of the genre. Glass Animals have carved out another notch in the win column with “Youth”; not only does it retain their unique musical identity, but it also gets me excited for what’s to come in How To Be a Human.

Have you listened to “Youth” yet? Check out the music video for “Youth” below, and if you like what you hear, keep an eye out for How To Be a Human come August 26th.

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~ Nastassia

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