Grouplove Debut Colorful New Track "Welcome To Your Life" | Rare Norm

Grouplove Debut Colorful New Track “Welcome To Your Life”

Grouplove Debut Colorful New Track “Welcome To Your Life”

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Grouplove are an American indie rock band from Los Angeles. You may recognize their name for their tunes “Tongue Tied” and “Ways to Go”. The band have released two studio albums since their formation in 2009: Never Trust a Happy Song (2011) and Spreading Rumours (2013). Their third studio album, Big Mess, is set for release on September 9th, 2016. “Welcome To Your Life” came out on July 15th as the first released track from the album.

“Welcome To Your Life” opens with a vibrant synthesizer beat and a small layer of vocal harmonies that hints at what’s to come in the rest of the track. Soon afterward, the electronic drumbeat kicks in, and keyboardist and vocalist Hannah Hooper begins with the affectionate line “We’re back in business, you’re such a big mess, and I love you…yeah, I love you…” Guitarist and vocalist Christian Zucconi comes in for the first verse with a similarly buoyant vocal style. The track continues at a pretty laid-back yet upbeat pace; the steady synthesizers and percussive beats create a relaxed yet lighthearted atmosphere. Then, suddenly, we’re rapidly thrown into the thunderous, gigantic chorus. The drums rumble with power, and the vocal harmonies reverberate with vitality and liveliness. This chorus is colorful, vivid, and radiant with energy, and I like it a lot. The second verse is similar to the first, save for the addition of some lovely piano chords. In the bridge, the track retains the energy and complex instrumentation of the chorus, and Zucconi delivers his most passionate vocal work yet. The track closes with chimes, gang vocals, and some almost psychedelic synthesizers that carry the dynamism of the track full circle.

I liked “Welcome To Your Life” when I first heard it, and it grows on me with each listen. Grouplove put a new spin on the balance between soft verses and loud choruses with their signature synthpop style, and this track is a great representation of their identity. In the current mainstream music scene, alternative bands no longer have to rely on the traditional heavy guitar-bass-drum triad to create memorable music, and Grouplove are evidence of that.

I highly recommend that you watch the music video for “Welcome To Your Life” on YouTube below. It captures the genuine emotion that Grouplove exert in this track, and the story of the video will tug at your heartstrings—but not in a cheesy way. Rumor has it that this tune is about Hooper’s daughter—if that’s the case, the title certainly makes sense. Give “Welcome To Your Life” a good listen!

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~ Nastassia

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