Grouplove Release Vibrant New Track “Do You Love Someone”

Grouplove Release Vibrant New Track “Do You Love Someone”

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American indie pop band Grouplove have gifted us with “Do You Love Someone”, the second released track from their third studio album Big Mess. This record is due out on September 9th, 2016, and many people are excited for it. The first track released from Big Mess, titled “Welcome To Your Life”, received positive acclaim from fans and critics alike, and it continues to climb the charts. Can “Do You Love Someone” achieve the same level of success?

“Do You Love Someone” opens with an eccentric solo synthesizer shortly before guitarist and vocalist Christian Zucconi comes in alongside deep yet buoyant drum and bass beats. Low and grumbly guitars enter the mix, and the track already feels instrumentally fleshed out.

Zucconi lowers his vocals just a bit to fit in with the drumbeat just before the chorus leaps to life. His vocals are high-pitched and passionate—he definitely delivers a genuine performance here. They nicely contrast from the growly guitars that circulate throughout the mix in order to create a full, well-rounded sound. The second half of the chorus ties Zucconi’s vocals with the synthesizers in a catchy “Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah” just before the transition into the second verse.

The second verse really emphasizes the bass a lot more, a feature that I like. It revs up the energy of the track to another level. There’s some slight vocal harmonies delivered from keyboardist and vocalist Hannah Hooper before we get into the second chorus, which is largely similar to the first. The bridge is my favorite part of the track, because Zucconi showcases an incredibly catchy new vocal melody that will definitely be a crowd favorite at concerts. Just before we get into the final chorus, we hear Grouplove’s greatest vocal harmonies yet, and Zucconi’s voice turns slightly raspy alongside the discordant guitar. The track closes on a high note as it places Zucconi front and center with his return to the bridge’s catchy vocal melody.

In contrast to “Welcome To Your Life”, a tune that features vocal interplay between Zucconi and Hooper, “Do You Love Someone” focuses much more on Zucconi. However, that’s definitely not a problem, as he delivers an impressively passionate performance on this track. The instrumentation is perfectly structured around the tune’s attempt to place Zucconi at the center of our attention, and it really works. Although I don’t like “Do You Love Someone” as much as I like “Welcome To Your Life”, I still really like it. It’s vibrant, it’s energetic, and above all, it’s genuine. “Do You Love Someone” heightens the hype for Big Mess, and I know I’m not the only one who looks forward to its release.

Have you listened to “Do You Love Someone” yet? Check out the track on YouTube below. If you’re a fan of this tune, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from Grouplove in the form of Big Mess when September rolls around!

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~ Nastassia

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