Have you heard of Mick Jenkins?

Mick Jenkins’s a artist out of Chicago Illinois brings a whole new vibe to the game. He was born in Alabama and ventured out to Chicago he is singed under Cinematic music group and its his time to shine. The other day I came across this beast of a rapper by the name of Mick Jenkins, I had listened to his piece of “P’s and Q’s”. It is one of the most clever songs I have ever heard, Jenkins just about uses only words that begin with P’s and Q’s. This was the first time I ever heard of Jenkins and it was refreshing to listen to a different style of rap.fan+artwork

I honestly can’t compare him to any other rapper which is a good thing. His music and music videos have deep meaning and are carefully crafted. After watching some of his interviews he is humble,sincere, and is a laid back individual. A quality that I truly admire from him is he does not care to be mentioned as a top 10 upcoming artist or any type of list that recognizes his talent. Originality is what he contains in my view. Which is what fans of rap look for, I guess being something out of this world will transition into being the new style. If you want to give this man a chance check out his music and you be the judge.

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