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Joey Badass hits the sport profitable shot on “Victory,” a new song featuring additional than a several basketball references and some generation from Kirk Knight and Adam Pallin. The track is a aspect of Mountain Dew and the NBA’s new collaboration, The Courtside Job, which is an initiative at NBA All Star Weekend 2017.

The track finds the Professional Era MC showcasing the verbal gymnastics and retro circulation as he dribbles in excess of an instrumental that sounds like a packed open up gymnasium. “The child from West Brooklyn I came with the thunder/Day to day an additional triple double entendre,” Joey raps in his initial verse, referencing Oklahoma Town Thunder celebrity Russell Westbrook’s historic 2016-2017 year.

“Sometimes I sit and marvel how I retain from heading beneath/But I constantly conquer the court like Kyrie Irving at the buzzer,” he proceeds. Joey proceeds the self-assured vibe in the “Victory” hook, declaring “This feels like a victory/Competitors seems slim to me/’Cause his story is historical past/Homie this my story.”

“Victory” and its several references to basketball gamers and the activity by itself should really mesh properly with The Courtside Job. Joey recently gave a statement about his part in the new NBA and Mountain Dew collaboration.

 “I’m thrilled to be a aspect of The Courtside Job,” Joey reported. “It’s the fusion of quite a few unique worlds — from basketball to audio, design and art — that are not all separate streams any longer, they are interconnected. I constantly want to really encourage the youth to be on their own and go after their goals, no matter if those are hoop goals, Grammy goals or PhD goals.”

“Victory” is a excellent appetizer for fans awaiting Joey’s eagerly expected AABA album. You can hear to the new track under. You can hear to “Land of the No cost,” which is a track he dropped a thirty day period ago, below.

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