Ill Mind Of Hopsin 8 GOES HARD AF!

Ill Mind Of Hopsin 8

In Hopsin’s latest song he left every last feeling he had for Funk Volume in the trash. He tells us why he departed from Funk Volume and what state he was in when he did decide to leave. The video describes his personal journey with the crew he brought up on his own. Many people wondered what was going on inside funk volume for so long and now its out. We do want to say good luck to Hopsin on his solo career. The man is extremely talented and a great lyricist.  As for dame (short for Damien) you’re mad now. You ended what could have been a great label down the line because from my point of view, Hopsin is bringing all his fans with him and thats all of Funk Volumes fans, leaving you with not one, not two… but ZERO fans. You pushed out your hardest working artist and for that the world might never forgive you. Good Luck though if you can bring that dead label out of the ground we at Rarenorm would be quite impressed! But below you can view Ill Mind Of Hopsin 8:

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