7 Questions With Jeff Stately

7 Questions With Brockton’s Very Own Jeff Stately

Debut Album “Dover Street” Out Now!


dover street

Dover Street follows the story of Jeff Stately from the years of 2012 and prior. From early adolescences to his later teenage years listen as Jeff finds himself in the middle of a crazy life that many young residents of Brockton, Ma go through. From the violence that plagues the city Jeff is left with thoughts of anguish, pain, and hope to help paint the picture that is his life. The ideas of Ying and Yang take fruition as the pain he faces leads him to places a normal teen does not always get to see. Songs like Sinner explore the thoughts he has as he’s under both the influence of weed and alcohol, while RIP J.L. tells the tale of the violence Jeff has seen at 6 years old. Will Jeff see through the end of his journey as the grips of the city continue to pull him back or will he face the end like many residents do in the city…”

Rare Norm caught up with Jeff Stately to ask some very important about the album and himself. Check out the exclusive below!


A: I had to really think about this because there are so many amazing artists that I miss. But to answer the question it would have to be Kurt Cobain. I feel in love with Nirvana and their ‘Nevermind’ album. It moved me a lot because of how raw it was and how they were the last real rock band. I think that when Kurt “took his life” he left a whole in many fans especially me so many years later. I watched so many vidos and documentaries and one of them showed how being a super star really is. He mentioned how he can’t go to his favorite thrift store anymore because at least 40 fans swarm him. I always take that into consideration as I grow with my music and think to myself can I handle these changes and will I love what I will become? Thank you Kurt.

Q: How long have you been rapping/making music? What were your inspirations for creating this project?

A: I’ve been rapping since 7th grade but I started making music the summer of 2008. Its funny you ask this because I was actually looking back on some of the songs I had from back then. Dover Street draws from a lot of inspirations, the first one being the city Brockton. As far as music Kendrick Lamar and his GKMC album, Lupe Fiasco and his Food and Liquor album Nas’ It Was Written and Nirvanas Nevermind album inspired me. In the album I had direct inspirations from the albums scattered all over. Like “Just A Man” was my version of Lupe’s “He Say She Say”.

Q: How long was the process? Who were the people involved? 

A: The process was almost 3 years. Its crazy to think that time flies like that. But a lot of people were involved. Not just in the recordings or beats but like conversations and experiences with friends all ended up being songs on the tape. Rich came about after talking to a really good friend of mine/ college roommate about what constitutes an artist as “good”. And you can even hear the line in the 2nd verse where I rap, “I spoke with a friend one day”. On the other hand a night with my close friends ended up creating what came to be Maxwell. It’s a real life story about unfaithfulness and a party.

Q: Using just 5-10 adjectives, how would you describe your music/ sound?

A: Stately(look up the meaning), Hopeful, Thoughtful, Versatile, Different, FLAMES,

Q: Besides the music, what/ how would you like to contribute to your community/ society?

A: I really want to see a lot of young kids grow up to leave the fabricated street life they so deeply admire. I have a history degree and I would love to teach at Brockton High and give a first hand account at what it looks like to do something and give back just as my teachers gave to me. Ive been in youth groups, I’ve been in the streets so I have a good understanding on how to reach the children and show them that being good is ultimately the best thing for them.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (career, movements, music, touring, shows, etc.)

A: If not in music and fully submerged in getting my sounds to the masses then I expect myself in a classroom teaching and helping the kids learn just as I did. But if music does go as planned and im sure it will then im going to be Touring because I love seeing different cultures and seeing how people actually react to the music I make. And with the acquired money from music I look to go and fund programs like the SoundLab so I can help give kids a place to create and do what they love without the struggles of doing it on your own. If you don’t see it by now I really love my city because of what it made me, and if it is through music or teaching I hope to help.

Q: Where can the people find you? (social media,etc) 

A: Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeffStately

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeffstately/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jeffstately

Listen to Album Below:

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