Jordan Hollywood Drops “FINALLY” Video

Quality Control‘s newest signee Jordan Hollywood releases the video for “FINALLY,” the title track off his EP. The record is produced by Jordan’s longtime producer, SkipOnDaBeat, and finds the rapper talking about how he’s feeling like he’s at a good place in his career. He knows he hasn’t made it to the top but he’s hustling and is realizing that people are starting to notice him, which he depicts in the new visuals that was directed by Christian Breslauer.

“This video is the best way I could express the way I felt after being betrayed, slept on, counted out,” Hollywood explains. “I’m currently working on shooting a visual to every song on my project.”

The video’s opening scene finds Jordan and bystanders at a funeral and then finds him in the center of a storm. This symbolizes Jordan’s feelings about people who betrayed him. He was hurt but instead of dwelling, he channels that energy into hustling harder. The final scene displays half the room waking up from a slumber, which symbolizes people are finally starting to notice Jordan Hollywood’s talent.

Watch the music video above.

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