Joyner Lucas – “Can TRUMP fix this?”, He Can’t – Creative

Joyner, Joyner, Joyner. You can paint a picture like no other my friend. You have the essence of Eminem, but your not him your Joyner Lucas, new concepts, dope music and a lyrical genius. Every video I’ve watched has gotten better and better. You do not stray from delivering your message and you are not afraid to speak and show us what is in your mind. For that I applaud you, it takes a true man of character to let people in like that. Especially in this day an age, where everyone is so up tight up about everything. Joyner Lucas is in great standing and he will continue to excel!Joyner Lucas

You posted on your Facebook account “Can TRUMP fix this?” and it seemed like a lot of people took that in literal terms. But what they didn’t know is you were speaking metaphorically, you already knew the answer, he can’t. Which ties it back to the video that you could not fix the mistake’s either. What was done was done and you had to dig deep inside you to forgive the child you thought was yours. You learned no one could fix the mistakes, you could only change the outcome of what has been presented before you.Joyner Lucas

Very deep Joyner Lucas, if i’m wrong about this analysis and it was just a marketing ploy than all the power to you. But this is the message we received and it was very inspirational.

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