Stream @juanjohnsilvers Phenomenal New “PACKAROT” Ep

Stream @juanjohnsilvers Phenomenal New “PACKAROT” Ep

Juan Peso is from Roslindale, MA, he grew up in a small hood called Fawndale. Juan has always been a heavy music lover, and recalls times as a kid when he would get every CD that had dropped or if he couldn’t he would burned CD’s with everyone’s mixtapes. In the beginning Peso didn’t want to start rapping at first due to the fact that everyone thought he would automatically be good at rapping just off the fact he had a great music choice. For a while he kept calling himself trash and was in serious denial of actually wanting to participate. He started making some music but never took it seriously, its not till 2016 came around and Peso had a change of heart. His main thought process was not caring about what people think or have to say, and just doing what he actually loves. Juan teamed up with his partner in crime UnderWaterHarv and created this masterpiece “PACKAROT”.

The Ep titled “PACKAROT” is a pun on the DBZ character Goku’s birth name Kakarot. Peso say’s that “It’s an alter ego that kinda emphasize how lit I feel when I smoke as much as I’d like. Therefore the Pack in Packarot is for my gas.” The “PACKAROT” Ep is filled with many DBZ references which is awesome and it is a flowing story about a guy who just likes to have a great time and spends a lot of time with his friends when there aren’t important things in the way, also how partying is something in his life he can’t avoid and how interactions at parties can have lasting effects on the people around you.

2017 is looking like a bigger year for Juan Peso with some of his main goals are to focusing on improving his sound and the sound of the people around him and also wanting to put out as many visuals as possible due to the fact that he doesn’t just view his music as just any other song, he views it as movies for the blind. Peso is currently working along side his homies Bris Band$en, Boofy and Khrome Heartz. From the looks of it Juan Peso is ready to take over the world and will not let anyone get in his or his team way. Stream Peso’s new Ep above & stay tuned to Rarenorm for anymore updates on Juan Peso releases.

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