“Jungle Youth”: a Brand-New Single from Young the Giant

“Jungle Youth”: a Brand-New Single from Young the Giant

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“Jungle Youth” is the third single released from Home of the Strange, the upcoming third studio album from Californian alternative rock band Young the Giant. Home of the Strange is set for release on August 12th, 2016 through Fueled by Ramen LLC.

There’s not much to say about Young the Giant at this point. They formed in 2004, but due to constant lineup changes, they didn’t release their debut studio album, Young the Giant, until October 2010. They’ve seen mild mainstream success with their music, especially with their singles “My Body”, “Cough Syrup”, and “Apartment”.

“Jungle Youth” is notably heavier than much of Young the Giant’s past work. The track opens with an assortment of distorted vocals and dense synthesizers. After about ten seconds, you’re immediately thrown into very compact instrumentation filled with sonic booms and roars from various synthesizers and drum and bass beats. The chorus is larger than life itself, definitely suitable for a colossal concert performance in an arena rock stadium. The second verse is more stripped down than the first, as it contains shorter bursts of synthesizers. I find the guitar work particularly impressive on “Jungle Youth”, as it distinguishes itself well from the bass and breathes real rock sentiment into the track. It features most prominently in the bridge, with smaller riffs and chord progressions that flesh out the sonic feel of the tune. Likewise, lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia sings wildly throughout this track; he shrieks and shouts with fervor, belts the lyrics with real passion. These musical elements come together to make “Jungle Youth” sound well-constructed in terms of production. The track closes with the sound of raindrops as they drip on pavement.

Although I view “Jungle Youth” as a well-produced track, ultimately, I’m not very interested in it because it sounds quite generic to me. Many music fanatics and critics will tell you that Young the Giant are a band that struggle to form their own identity. For me personally, whenever I listen to new music, I ask myself: does this band or artist distinguish themselves? Do they craft their own unique identity? With “Jungle Youth”, I can’t say that Young the Giant have created a track that sounds particular to their character. The track feels like it could fit right at home on mainstream alternative radio, but it’s not a track where you could say “Oh, this is Young the Giant!” right off the bat. The omnipresent synthesizers, the club-like drum beats, and even the rather basic lyrics all make “Jungle Youth” sound commonplace and non-unique in comparison to the plethora of alternative rock bands that litter mainstream radio.

Have you given “Jungle Youth” a listen? Do you wonder if my criticisms hold any weight? Form your own thoughts about “Jungle Youth” when you watch the official visualizer for the track on YouTube below.

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~ Nastassia

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