Kane Brown - Baby Come Back to Me

Kane Brown – Baby Come Back to Me

Kane Brown – Baby Come Back to Me

Get “Baby Come Back To Me” on Kane Brown’s new album, Experiment, available now!
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My journey to Sydney - 9 months ago

This album is not popular. Poor album sales! He also has poor concert reviews!

Emily McCarty - 9 months ago

Love this song. Its always something new with you. I want to know where you get your inspiration. You take country to a whole new level.😍😍

April Storbakken - 9 months ago


Julie Almond - 9 months ago

Poor album sales! Poor concert reviews

Billy Jeans - 9 months ago

INDIAN SONG! Horrible!

Billy Jeans - 9 months ago

an amateur rapper trying to be a country singer? haaaaaaaaa Sounds funny.

Nicholas Brown - 9 months ago


Candy K. Manning - 9 months ago

Poorly done! He sucks!

TEXAStaxi100 - 9 months ago

Lauren Alaina will be out of a job without Kane's support. That's why she's posting all these fake comments and clicking this video 500,000 times a day. She and her mother are glued to this video, trying sell his albums because her life is depends on Kane's album sales! Don't be fooled by her and her mother's profile.

Kelsey Bodnar - 9 months ago

I'm not a huge country fan but Kane is one of my favorites!!!😍 love how rich and deep his voice is. Perfect country voice love love love.

RIP in heaven. - 9 months ago

The worst Indian song!

Kelsey Bodnar - 9 months ago

I could replay from .4 to .12 seconds over and over again my favorite part😍

RIP in heaven. - 9 months ago

He always sings this kind of boring songs! It's clear indication that he can't sing like other professional singers.

Tammi Sherrard - 9 months ago

All you dumb ass haters looking like fools. Your just making us love him more. And for you saying his voice is unsalable its funny how many he has sold. So go on some where. His fans have his back no matter what. Your not changing a thing. Just making yourself look stupid.

Denise A - 9 months ago

Im in Love

Kiera Cummings - 9 months ago

I love you and all your songs

PeeWee JOX - 9 months ago

such a horrible voice!
He's a horrible singer!

Laura Gray - 9 months ago

Loving this song…

Vicky Esco - 9 months ago

Yassssss Suga❣👏👏🦋

Chelby Keel - 9 months ago

Oh my gosh I love you and your songs. People are just rude I think your awesome and your songs are amazing

Martha V. Morgan - 9 months ago

His voice is not good enough for market.

Martha V. Morgan - 9 months ago

He's not marketable in country

KillerDog - 9 months ago

This is cool

Dev F_benz - 9 months ago

Umf this man 😍

Dean Russette - 9 months ago

George Jones

Jennifer Camacho - 9 months ago

Kane Brown, you are awesome. I like that singing voice 🤗💙💖💜💌

Puwezo Medo - 9 months ago

U r the best SINGER for me

Tramaine Terrance - 9 months ago

Hello, Humans. "I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives. Or should I say, I have."
~Thanos (Avengers: Infinity War)


The Lucious Family Lucious - 9 months ago

I Love ❤️ 😘

Sherie Chrysler - 9 months ago

Awesome! ! !

Alicia Blythe - 9 months ago

Join and get $10 per referral!!


Elvin deSouza - 9 months ago

Why does this sound like" the chain"

Carla Horn - 9 months ago


Jennifer Oliver - 9 months ago

every one needs to stop dissing kane brown and his music Kane Brown is awesome u don't like him don't listen to him

Jillian Ripley - 9 months ago

I can't wait to line dance to this one!!

Chelsea Mathis - 9 months ago

i love you

123kspencer - 9 months ago

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

k will - 9 months ago

It spells my name 😂😘

Julie Almond - 9 months ago

Poor album sales, poor concert reviews!

Julie Almond - 9 months ago

He sounds terrible!

Meme Blacksten - 9 months ago

OMG kane brown is so amazing singer and person. I love you kane brown. I am so happy for you and kate. ive watch you since you were doing covers in the bathroom. ive seen you 1 time in concert you need to come to Minnesota soon like now lol

Keaton Munteanu - 9 months ago

love this song so much thx kane brown

JAMES PIKE - 9 months ago

i love all your songs keep up the work bro

sheila aikens - 9 months ago

Awwwwsome voice💖🎤🎼🎵🎻💖great song…..will be playin more of his songs…..Heaven song is mine and my boyfriend song

Garret Young The savage gang whip yeet dab - 9 months ago

I have heard this song in my dreams

lexi carroll - 9 months ago

so damn hot omg 😍😍

English Shakespeare - 9 months ago


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