Kane Brown - Homesick

Kane Brown – Homesick

Kane Brown – Homesick

Thank you to the California Army National Guard, those who submitted their personal videos, and all of our brave men and women in the armed forces.

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Noemi da Paz Melonio Soares Santana - a few months ago


Brinda Rowand - a few months ago

I miss my loving husband James always as sweet as he is baby this goes out too you. I love you honey come home soon because without you I am home sick without your arms around me so hurry home soon.

Connie Brandon - a few months ago

I love this video Kane Brown

Connie Brandon - a few months ago

Kane Brown..all his music is awesome 😊

dick3234 - a few months ago


Kimberly Hoffman - a few months ago


Cod Hal - a few months ago

I love it is a Great song

EpicKIller Plays - a few months ago

2019 Anyone

Jill B - a few months ago

My son was up the mountain doing the crucible when his wife gave birth to their son. He didn't find out until his unit, or whatever they call it during the Marine boot camp, came out of the mountain. He met him for the first time at the airport. Will always be my favorite picture. This song reminds me of that wonderful moment.

Joe Elledge - a few months ago

This makes me think of all my Best friends and my mentor and people I love while I'm away st a different state for college. I just can't wait to see them. The video makes it so much more heart warming. Love this song even though it makes me cry every time I hear it. My mentor who gives me all the best advice and every word I need to hear and every hug I need to have has brown eyes, and I just really miss him and my gf and best friend the most. A big thank you to all the soldiers out There! Lots if love everyone!❤

Joe Elledge - a few months ago

It also saddens me to see so many hate comments on a song video about love and seeing your loved ones. He's a great country singer imo. It's so sad that our country cares more to talk more about the album sales and Lauren Alaina, than the point the song video is trying to portray. This just shows we need love now more ever. Like I say on a daily basis. Jesus is coming back soon, and these people NEED Jesus frfr. This kind of behaviour proves that America is going down the train, no, the world is. I hope everyone has a blessed day!

Billy Jeans - a few months ago

So terrible!

Billy Jeans - a few months ago

His voice really sucks

Heaven Vs. Hell - a few months ago

Antother bad song by a rapper

Heaven Vs. Hell - a few months ago

Kane brown is a horrible singer

Jessika Dufour - a few months ago

To everyone that helps keep my family safe. I pray everyday that u can get home to yours soon thank you so very much for all you do

Cori Joslin - a few months ago

I. Love. Your. Songs. I'm. A. Big. Fan

Garrett Carter - a few months ago

Your music is AWESOME. Your my favorite singer. My favorite song that you wrote is"thunder in the rain"

Brady Hoover - a few months ago

My grandfather uncles and aunts where all soldiers thank y’all for your service to are country godbless y’all

Bonita Pacheco - a few months ago

RIP fallen soldiers

kokitjoe - a few months ago

I respect this man a little more now. 👍

Susan Dowdell - a few months ago

Sweet video . . . and a really nice song! Great job Kane!

TimoKa - a few months ago


Pamela Nelson - a few months ago

How can this not be another #1 hit for Kane!!! Beautiful!!

Greg LaCroix - a few months ago

Love this video!  Thank you thank you thank you to all those who do and have served.  OMG the boy at 2:12 mark has hops out of this world obviously from love adrenaline rush for his dad.

Kera S - a few months ago


ROBERT FEATHER - a few months ago

thankyou for using your talent for all these brave men and women who keeps our country safe may god bless you

Tai Soane - a few months ago

Exactly how I feel when I’m away from my love ones ✌️

Debbie Alvarez - a few months ago

The best ♥️♥️

bubbas vlogs - a few months ago

Retired rangr and i love this damn song…. Rangers lead the way…..

Sapphire - a few months ago

I don't want to like this song because it wants to make me cry but, the truth is, I love this song.

Junior Blaze - a few months ago

Spent alot of time on the road missed so manyof my daughter's lil milestones but mean the most so I think this songs for every man and woman who has to sacrafice for there loved ones

Jackson Huffman - a few months ago

Every country song nowadays have that annoying snapping sound.

Diane Campion - a few months ago

My gma cryed for this song we love it ao much

Breanna & Mackenzie - a few months ago

wishing I was that microphone

James Luciano - a few months ago

I love you

Albert Furtak - a few months ago

here in Orzysz in Poland understand what it mean thsi song for manu Us Soldiers who come here from far away wonderfull america.yuo here couse your country say go. we so proud to have american soldiers here close to us and brave defend ouer borders!!!!God bleas american soldiers…god bleas America.we happy you here.hope one day every one of us live in ouer countries in peace.God bleas you America.Here in Poland Orzysz we love american soldiers.

Connieandblyde Monsters - a few months ago

I'm joining the airforce. I hope to meet Kane Brown. Dude honestly I'm joining because I live in a crime ridden, drug filled, war zone called Paterson NJ. I'm doing it because I have a beautiful fiance who is currently uninsured and struggling to get through law school. My life is worth hers. I'm a overly tatted, fighting Irish, pitbull and I had a choice. Sell heroin or serve my 4 to 6 years and I looked down at the last $25 I had one day while this song was playing and decided I would never ever become the evil this city breeds and become the man my mom wants. Thank you, I know these comments never really reach artists but I wanted to tell you that.

Joey Hartman - a few months ago

The soldiers should have been dancing.. They should not have been at ease, they should have been dancing cause they are US.

G King - a few months ago

I am actually about to leave for basic in June and when my dad should me this song all I can think about was when I get sent over on my first how much I would mis my sister's my mom and dad and my love but I have a promise to keep that is when I come back to get down on one knee and well that's one promise I intend to keep

Shelly Kids - a few months ago

whoever disliked this song has no heart and doesn't care about the countless soldiers that leave their families to go out and fight for this country…if u disliked it u can get in a boat and cross over to china or sum bc we don't want ur ungrateful tails in America

Rose Kidder - a few months ago


Emily Larson - a few months ago


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