Kane Brown - Homesick

Kane Brown – Homesick

Kane Brown – Homesick

Thank you to the California Army National Guard, those who submitted their personal videos, and all of our brave men and women in the armed forces.

Kane Brown’s new album, Experiment, is available 11.9. Pre-order and connect to get “Homesick” + Kane’s hit “Lose It” right now!

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B. Garza - 8 months ago

His voice sucks, he's so horrible!

B. Garza - 8 months ago

The worst shit I have ever heard.

christine Simonetta - 8 months ago

I. Love. Your video. And. I. Respect the. Soldiers ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

Tyrell Campeau - 8 months ago

♥️Hi kane its Mel, I'm doing fine and dandy…ok I love your music♥️

Jeremy Heartriter - 8 months ago

What's wrong with humanity? Why is this song so underrated?😫😥

Skylar B - 8 months ago

This song makes me cry. My lil brother is in Afghanistan on his 2nd deployment. My prayers go out to all OUR troops and their family’s. And to our fallen troops may God hold you and your family close.

TheYafnit - 8 months ago

Thanks, Kane, played this song all the way home from my last duty station. 4,000 miles is long way to go.

megabch34 - 8 months ago

i love this song so much and i love all of ur songs

mindy comerford - 8 months ago

To all the soldiers: thank you for your service! ❤️

Colten Reid - 8 months ago

The damn Pain Stays by Chris go watch and tell me what you think of my brother

The Lady YasB Barnes - 8 months ago

That little girl at the start of the video gets me teary eyed every time I watch this! Much respect to all you serve in the armed services they are making the ultimate sacrifice being away from family and keeping us safe.

Joseph Adam - 8 months ago

My best friend just got sent out to South Carolina for basic training and it’s the saddest thing ever I didn’t get to say goodbye or anything 😥 good luck my brother

Puppy lover 2479 - 8 months ago

My brother in the army sent me this i miss him so much💙🇺🇸

Natalie Burrows - 8 months ago

I love Kane Brown's music and I'm your biggest fan please text me back

Robert Baker - 8 months ago

Love you kane

Lucy Mcafee - 8 months ago


Werkheiser Gaming - 8 months ago


Wendy Dixon - 8 months ago

Kane brown I love this song you really have out some yourself

Darla Frantic - 8 months ago

His voice sucks

Julie Almond - 8 months ago

He has poor concert reviews!

boo vanover - 8 months ago

Kane Brown is the real deal keep it up bro

Mark Daly - 8 months ago

I am a US Army Veteran of 20 years and several Overseas Tours and deployments. I had a daughter born while I was in Korea and was in Iraq twice while my 4 children were young, so I Love this song because it reminds me how I felt while I was gone and also when I returned.

Cassie Hehl - 8 months ago

omg i love this song

Christine Davis - 8 months ago

OMW I am a hot mess!!! That just got me right in my heart. Much respect to all the men and women who serve our country and their families that miss them!!

Vanessa contrcras - 8 months ago

Is anybody listening to kane Brown music .. ok kane Brown he has good music ….. 👍👍👍😊😊😊

Savannah Wilson - 8 months ago

OMG. Kane you are literally the best singer ever. I love all of your music! This song made me bawl

Crystal Mummel - 8 months ago

That is a really sad song 😪

Rin Wesley - 8 months ago

I'm not crying! Shut up.

BaKtAn 84 - 8 months ago


Tango Survival Gaming Channel - 8 months ago

My favorite video

Martha V. Morgan - 8 months ago

His voice sucks, his voice is not marketable!

Martha V. Morgan - 8 months ago

He's not marketable in country

Maggie Tucker - 8 months ago

He needs to spend some time with a real true blue country artist and lose that Trashville pop sound that everyone and his brother does now.

Tori Westbrook - 8 months ago

When I hear to this song I think of my grandmother who died in February, and when I can see her again.

UNICORN SQUAD! For life - 8 months ago

Hey! I need help,so I have a girlfriend and I’m scared to hold her hand should I just go for it?

8Laura Mccullough - 8 months ago

u are good u are bater thean enebode

Zack Lane - 8 months ago

2:59 gets me every time ..

Joshua Barnes - 8 months ago

Another one that shoots the heart way to go man!!!

Jennifer Hobbs - 8 months ago

This was amazing song Very beautiful song 😊

Joyce Allen - 8 months ago

Familes apart is just tooooooooooo sad.

Keaton Howler - 8 months ago

My uncle is in the army

Erin Vickers - 8 months ago

I love it so amazing Kane you did so good on doing this song

Gary Boyer III - 8 months ago

I can relate to this cuz My baseball team represents fallen soldiers like my fallen soldier is Amanda Sheldon

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