Kanye West Accused of Illegally Sampling on 'ye' Album

Kanye West Accused of Illegally Sampling on 'ye' Album

Shortly after releasing his eighth studio album, ye, Kanye West is facing sample clearance issues. Berlin-based record label PAN recently accused Kanye of illegally sampling a snippet from one of its artists. The label claims that a portion of Kareem Lotfy’s “Fr3sh” is used on the album’s intro track, “I Thought About Killing You.”

In an official statement label head Bill Kouligas said, “It’s sadly another case of an artist who capitalizes on culture without any original ideas and because culture trickles up, this means we are all basically working for him.” Going on to add, “everything leads to him, he’s the ultimate narcissist.”

PAN is now looking to take legal action, stay tuned for more developments regarding the accusation. For more music, check out all the samples found on Kanye West’s ye album.

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