Kanye West Calls Out Drake on Twitter

Kanye West took to Twitter to call out Drake, requesting a face-to-face meeting so that the Toronto native can give ‘Ye an apology. Kanye initially shared a screenshot of a text message where Drake was requesting clearance of the 2009 single “Say What’s Real,” which samples Yeezy’s “Say You Will” beat.

He then proceeds to tweet that Drake owes him an apology for dissing him on records with Travis and pointing out lines on French Montana’s “No Stylist,” which finds Drake rapping “Yeah, keepin’ it G, I told her “don’t wear no 350s ’round me.” He goes on to call out Drake for sending purple emojis to him, emphasizing that he didn’t tell Pusha T about Drake’s son and buying the first two rows at a Pusha concert. Later on in the rant, Kanye claims Drake called him. Drake later took to Instagram to respond to Kanye’s tweets. Read their tweets and posts below.

In November, Pusha T’s concert in Toronto was cut short when audience members tried to jump onstage.

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