Kanye West Teases PornHub Stream on “We Got Love” Website

Kanye West Teases PornHub Stream on “We Got Love” Website

After launching his surprise website “We Got Love” earlier this summer, Kanye West is ready to expand beyond the site’s few behind-the-scenes videos that are currently available. So far only hosting footage from his private life including his listening party out in Wyoming and Kerwin Frost of the Spaghetti Boys taking a personal call from West, the site looks to be adding a few more clips and new features according to the tweet West sent out just minutes ago. By the looks of it, the new video teases an upcoming project with PornHub. Head over to wegotlove.com now and stay tuned for updates.

In case you’ve missed it, Teyana Taylor brought out Kanye West for surprise “Hurry” performance.

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https://t.co/d3w2h2tFF5 live in 15 min

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) September 7, 2018

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