Kxng Crooked Joins R-Mean for New Song "Deeper Than Rap"

R-Mean Pentagon
R-Necessarily mean Pentagon

R-Necessarily mean is a Los Angeles-born, Armenian-American rapper which is been turning heads lately. The former pharmacist, who received a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Loma Linda College, is back with a new file titled “Deeper Than Rap” that includes Kxng Crooked (formerly regarded as Crooked I), which is manufactured by Pharomazan. The observe is aside of R-Mean’s Necessarily mean Mondays challenge in which he drops one song a week for the total yr. “Deeper Than Rap” is for week 9 of fifty two.

“Rappers ain’t obtained bars no a lot more but obtained the coldest memes/I stab you with the shattered parts of my broken dreams/I do not think when I’m spitting I squeeze the pen and my soul just bleeds – it bleeds in/You slipped up/I read you produced them significant bucks,” R-Necessarily mean raps.

Crooked provides his very own flair, “Me and my workforce ball nigga, no salary cap/I’m so charged up the hood calls me battery back/You know Crooked induce a tragedy with the ratchet he pack/All that yackety-yack get your halfyour anatomy cracked/COB – which is where the people at/The suitable aspect of your brain could not envision me wack/I’m on Coca-Cola Typical and yac.”

Mean has produced tunes with The Sport, Joe Budden, and Too Small. In 2015 he dropped his 7 Lethal Sins album on Pentagon Documents/Empire. In October 2016 he launched Nas & Em tribute mixtape with Dj Base. Bump “Deeper Than Rap”

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