Kygo - Happy Now ft. Sandro Cavazza

Kygo – Happy Now ft. Sandro Cavazza

Kygo – Happy Now ft. Sandro Cavazza

Happy Now ft. Sandro Cavazza out now! http://smarturl.it/xHappyNow?iqID=yt

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Production Company: Boy in the Castle
Directed by: Colin Tilley, Johannes Lovund
Written by: Colin Tilley, Boy in the Castle
Cinematographer: Elias Talbot, Ole Marius Elvestad
Executive Producer: Jamee Ranta
Co-Produced: Jamee Ranta, Njål Lambrechts
Color: Bryan Smaller

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Nexo- Games - 6 months ago

Who else reminds this song to Avicii? 😯

Sergio AG. - 6 months ago

Amazing 👌🏽

epic tsunami - 6 months ago

You are best Kygo. You are second Avicci but better.

Yer Lee - 6 months ago

Omg those views were breathtaking 😭

Forest Guy - 6 months ago

You are real fagots

Zeniar Astri - 6 months ago

Can't stop listening to this song. Anyone?

Raul Escalona - 6 months ago

I Fucking love this song!!! Amazing work KYGO! Keep on fire

idcte priver - 6 months ago


Alex - 6 months ago

Not tropical??

Claire love - 6 months ago

Avicciii ❤🙏

Rico - 6 months ago

My favorite song with Alfred Beck – You're Mine ❤️❤️❤️

intervalkid - 6 months ago

Wow! There is almost no stereo separation in this recording and every instrument seems comprised of various static.

All about Football - 6 months ago

Do not call him NEXT aviciii he’s KYGO himself

Greek Patenta - 6 months ago


Noah Lyssand - 6 months ago


Zenox - 6 months ago

I hope Sandro cavazza will be famous one day cause he owned it

Amol Adhude - 6 months ago


Nikki S. - 6 months ago

so much love for this song and music video❤️ you are such a loving person! you did an amazing job!!

Michael Mcgonigle - 6 months ago

To Avicii . We all hope you’ll be happy now ❤️❤️

Abdelaziz Tareq - 6 months ago


Andrew Ayisi-Ahwireng - 6 months ago

Great song in this new Range Rover commercial

gamer kid 50505 - 6 months ago

Why YouTube lagin today I'm just trying to practice my gymnastics and i can't when i have to keep on getting up and going off then back on its so stupid

Miro Steenssens - 6 months ago

The kid needs to watch out so he doesn't find some dead body in there…

Zebra - 6 months ago

Tim loves you, Kyrre. I’m so proud of you and even prouder still that I heard this in concert before it was even released. It was so easy to tell that this song is for Tim and it meant so much to you to make this that I started crying at the concert. I cried when you played Without You and dedicated it to Tim at the concert too. Love you ❤️

Zebra - 6 months ago

Don’t tell me that that last snippet between the black wasn’t an in memoriam. 💔🙏😭

Raquel Fernandes - 6 months ago


Raquel Fernandes - 6 months ago

como amo um dj😍😍

kenneth robles - 6 months ago

The voice of Without You

Tuan Tran - 6 months ago

Great 4k Video!

Yao Alex Kouadio - 6 months ago

I love your song

Naledi Viona - 6 months ago

I so love this 😍😍

JoC 2091 - 6 months ago

It'd be cool if one of the lyrics was "breathe for a minute, breathe for a minute, I'll be okay"

We Meet Again People - 6 months ago

another good song….and this is so avicii

Michael Dornelas - 6 months ago


Flinkdaj - 6 months ago

Those Dislikes are given from Donkeys…

Dipen Entertains - 6 months ago

Kygo music brings me another planet

Sen 1803 - 6 months ago

a really nice tribute to Avicii. Bravo Kygo!

Deisy Viviana Quistial - 6 months ago

Me encanta💖😍😍

Mace - 6 months ago

Hmm reminds me to Avicii 😍

Bri Ludwig - 6 months ago

makes me smile <3

Manu Pancras - 6 months ago

Reminds me of Avicii

hrudin sheikh - 6 months ago

who love this song?

Nandan vyas - 6 months ago

I love this song 💗 💖

Bryan Aranda - 6 months ago

I love you !! 🔥🤤😍

mehul thakral - 6 months ago

I feel avicii…

Sra1Music - 6 months ago

Here is the Best Mashup of 2018, hope you all like it.


MrPaddy - 6 months ago

I watch it every single dayyyyy

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